Resin Bound Mulch FS044

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Product Description

Resin-bound rubber mulch safety surfacing is utilised in play areas where a natural aesthetic is desired.

This surface mimics the appearance of natural bark shavings while being crafted from recycled rubber tyres, bound together to form a seamless, porous, and safe play surface.

It serves as an alternative to traditional loose-fill surfaces like bark or chippings, which can be messy and demand regular maintenance to upkeep.

Rubber mulch, however, offers a fixed, soft surface that remains intact in all weather conditions.

It can be directly laid onto grass with minimal preparation, presenting a highly cost-effective option for playground surfacing.


Outstanding drainage properties ensure suitability for year-round use in all weather conditions.

Provides a soft and shock-absorbent surface, effectively reducing the risk of injuries from falls and accidents.

Offered in a variety of colours, rubber mulch can enhance the visual appeal of your playground, encouraging children's creativity and imagination.

Minimal base preparation is necessary due to its free-draining nature, allowing for direct installation onto well-established firm grass.

Resin-bound rubber mulch safety surfacing for playgrounds and play areas
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