Honeycomb Lawn Matting FS018

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Product Description

Our playground matting is an ideal solution for your playground needs.

These honeycomb lawn mats facilitate grass growth through the mat, offering maximum protection to children while maintaining the lawn's freshness and green appearance.

Playground Mats are crafted from recycled rubber, serving as a safety surface widely utilised across the UK by councils, schools, stable owners, and homeowners alike.

They prevent the ground from turning into a muddy mess, especially in high-traffic areas.

While commonly found in children’s play areas, they are also perfect for safeguarding lawns, garden play areas, and equestrian access paths, which often endure heavy use from pets, horses, and children.


Covers critical fall heights of up to 3.0m

Natural rubber matting with a thickness of 22mm

Made from high quality recycled rubber

Made in accordance with BS EN 1177:2008

Playground Safety Grass Mats
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