Adventure Castle R-CA114

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Product Description

Transport yourself to medieval times with our Adventure Castle.

Brimming with play value, this castle ignites the imagination and encourages social interaction and role-playing activities.

Transport children into royal realms with our castle !

From monarchs delegating tasks to soldiers defending the keep, imagination knows no bounds. These timber towers inspire historical adventures, encouraging creativity and learning about pivotal moments like 1066 or WWII.

Our castle range fosters imaginative and social role-play, enhancing gross motor skills alongside classroom learning.

The Adventure Castle stands out in any play space, guaranteeing that children are captivated both day and knight!

*Requires impact attenuating surfacing*


Embark on thrilling adventures with our playset featuring a net climber, firefighter pole, ramp, timber crossing, stainless steel slide, and role-play windows

Robinia Hardwood: Nature's Resilient Timber boasting a 10 year warranty

Made in Yorkshire

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