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What Playscheme Can do After Installation

Steve DanbyBlog posted on 19th December 2016 by Steve Danby

After we install your new playground, we want to ensure that your equipment stays in tiptop condition and offer an operational inspection and maintenance service that is available throughout the entire lifespan of your play equipment.

We have a team of RPII (Register of Play Inspectors International) operational inspectors, giving us the ability to inspect and maintain your play equipment, as well as other suppliers'.  That is what's great about our service, it doesn't matter if your playground wasn't fitted by us, we can still come out to see it.  Following this, we can make recommendations on what you can do with your aging play equipment, as well as safety surfacing that has suffered general wear and tear over the years. 

When it comes to parts, we can source replacements in almost every single case, as long as they still meet the European Safety Standards. We are experts in creating, building and installing play equipment, therefore we are the best people to call when yours is in need of an update or refreshing.

We offer three different types of inspection, depending on what type of equipment you have in your playground and how much maintenance you actually need.

Steve Inspecting 4

One Operational Inspection

This inspection is recommended for community play projects that perhaps have a small or restricted budget. This one-off site visit, usually once a year, will be performed by our RPII qualified Operational Inspector who will come out to your play area and carry out a full inspection to ensure your playground apparatus is working to its potential.

This inspection includes the undertaking of minor repairs to your play equipment such as removing splinters, tightening loose parts and replacing bolts and other fittings that have been subjected to wear and tear from the outdoor elements.

During our time visiting your playground, we will monitor all safety surfaces and make any recommendations. We will provide you with a report of all equipment inspected which can be kept on file for your own records.

After we have performed your inspection, we will then provide a no obligation quotation for any work that may be required.

All of these points are applicable to our Monthly and Quarterly Inspections below.

Monthly Operational Inspection 

If you have a playground that perhaps needs inspecting more frequently than once a year, we offer a monthly package. This is recommended for public playgrounds and those with large attractions that need maintaining throughout the year. This type of inspection service ensures full safety checks all year round. 

Again, we can carry out minor repairs, replace fixtures and fittings and perform maintenance on any general wear and tear that your play equipment has been subjected to over the years. 

If you already employ inspectors and / or site maintenance staff, we can provide this service on a temporary basis to cover annual leave or sickness.

Quarterly Operational Inspection

Looking for a site inspection every quarter? This package provides four site inspections by an RPII qualified Operational Inspector every year that you have a contract with us.

We will arrange to visit your play area at a convenient time, to take a look around your playground, identifying potential damage and carrying out minor repairs.

Exactly the same as the monthly inspection, we will compile a report of all play equipment inspected and the actions taken, and provide a no obligation quotation for any work which may be required. 

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Why are Site Inspections Important after Installation?

As a member of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, we ensure that all of our equipment, and the equipment that we inspect, follow the correct safety standards and is ready for children to play on. 

The safety of children on any playground that we install or inspect is paramount, but it does not always depend on the initial design of the site and which equipment is put in place. RoSPA say that "it's the continued management and the provision of high quality inspection and maintenance programmes that are essential if safe opportunities for children to play creatively are to be preserved."

Playground managers, whether your equipment sits in a public play area or school, have a legal and moral responsibility of care to any young person using the playground. 

Interested in booking an inspection with us? We will be happy to perform a site visit and complete any maintenance required. Just call us on 01904 607 677 or email mail@play-scheme.co.uk

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