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The Benefits of Nature and Play

Connecting young people with nature and the outdoors is vital for their development, especially in early years. Outdoor learning environments are known to stimulate the different areas of a child's play experience; not to mention the huge contribution to their health, too! Children are spending a lot less time outside these days in their own time at home, and this may be down to the increased usage of video games consoles and smart devices; but with access to a fully-functional and adventure-inspiring playground at school, they can increase the time that they do get outside. Access to nature is, without a doubt a paramount factor in a young person's health and well-being, as well as their physical and emotional development. Of course, we at Playscheme actively encourage contact with nature, and this is why the play areas that we create include elements that offer direct contact with the outdoors, nature and adventure; helping children to connect with their surroundings and their environment in the most imaginative and playful way possible. At Playscheme, we offer a multitude of bespoke play schemes that help children to develop relationships with nature. Creating a natural outdoor area that fits into its surroundings beautifully, we will bring your natural ecosystem to life, providing opportunities for your little ones to witness nature up close. Our Science and Nature products offer a whole load of benefits when it comes to child development, and we can install some of the following for you:

Nature Board

Urge children to get involved with our fun and interactive Nature Board by identifying birds, insects and trees with words and images. The beauty of this product is that it can be attached to a wall, fence, or installed on its own post. This can be a fantastic addition to your playground, mixing play with education. Our nature boards are all made up of dibond board with a timber frame, which is all pressure treated to prevent damage from the outdoor elements.

Bird Station

A Bird Station will encourage local wildlife such as birds and squirrels to come into your environment, which will enable children to see and interact with animals up close. But you must remind them to look and not touch! Our bird stations all have two tiers and the timber used is pressure treated to prevent damage over the years.

Mini Beast Trunk

Our natural wood Mini Beast Trunk fits into any outdoor environment. Its man-made nooks and crevices encourage insects and other local wildlife to visit your playground and create its own ecosystem that you can study every single day.

Bug Hotel

A Bug Hotel is a quirky and unique way to encourage insects into your outdoor play area, allowing children to see what kind of bugs live in certain environments. It also gives them the chance to see them up close in their own environment where they may not be able to otherwise. We will provide the timber hotel for you to fill the various rooms with materials of your choice. We recommend items like bricks, twigs and bamboo, which offer different habitats for insects to live and thrive in. This gives children the opportunity to study the bugs over time and discover which types are living amongst the different ecosystems within the hotel. Again, the Bug Hotel is manufactured from natural wood and all timber used is pressure treated to prevent wear and tear in all weather conditions.

Bird Watching Station

Our bespoke Bird Watching Station is a beautifully sheltered area for children and adults to sit and watch the wildlife in peace. This product can be incorporated into our outdoor classrooms and shelters, and can be adapted to fit any size. They can also be used as a quiet area to study or think about the surrounding area, or to do classwork on hot days when you feel like escaping outside. The natural timber Bird Watching Station encompasses two woodland benches and a viewing ledge to look out from. It can also be used to lean on to take notes and identify the different species of birds that frequent the playground. The Bird Watching Station features a green roof that is manufactured from high quality exterior grade plywood with a tough wearing, moisture resistant coating. All timber that makes up this great structure is all pressure treated so that it lasts longer in all weather.  

Animal Footprints Rubbings and Recognition

Identify animal footprints with our wooden rubbing posts, words and images. These are a great feature to any outdoor children's area as it gives them the chance to interact with nature while also learning. This product would be suitable for a woodland or pond area and the board can be attached to a wall, fence or installed on its own dedicated post. The whole product features an animal nature board, as well as four rubbing posts with engraved footprints, which are all durable in adverse weather, as well as the timber being pressure treated.

Dipping Platform

We can design and install ponds within your outdoor environment, as well as incorporating a dipping platform into your timber classroom or shelter for children to stand and watch the fish and pond life go by. Like what you see here? We can offer so much more and will even design bespoke pieces of playground equipment to suit your brief and budget. Check out our Science and Nature products here or call us on 01904 607677 to arrange a no obligation consultation. You can also drop us a line on mail@play-scheme.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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