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The Advantages of Wooden Playgrounds

Within our industry, we are asked time and again about the advantages that wooden playground equipment has over other materials, such as steel. So with this in mind, we'd like to explore the ways in which natural is always better. At Playscheme, we like to approach a project carefully and with open minds. We like to assess the area or the grounds in which the playground equipment will sit, and make wise decisions that will lead to the most eye-catching and engaging design for our client. We do this to ensure that the finished product will sit beautifully, and most importantly, naturally within its environment. The last thing we want to do is plonk a big piece of equipment into gloriously aesthetic surroundings, resulting in a huge eye sore for anyone that comes across it. This leads to our first advantage.

It's natural

Admit it, a wooden climbing frame, swing set or trim trails look so much more appealing than their plastic or metal counterparts. Constructing a play environment that children can play in that include natural materials will better fit into their surroundings and compliment stones, sand, wood chip trails and even wooden playhouses. Yes, the traditional playground can be very colourful and fun for children, however they don't fit well into their surroundings and will more often than not look unappealing when subjected to adverse weather and months of use. Wooden playgrounds stimulate a child's imagination and creativity more than a traditional playground and may also help children to connect more with nature and learn about their environment.

It lasts longer

Good play equipment comes with great design, and having well-designed play equipment can actually help extend its life. All of ur equipment is treated correctly, meaning it will last for at least 15 years, which is much longer than your traditional play equipment. We ensure that all of our timber playgrounds are designed and manufactured to withhold moisture content and will stand up when exposed to extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, sleet and snow. In fact, timber will not rot when its moisture content is below approximately 20%, and we put the correct measurements in place to ensure that this doesn't happen. We also offer protective galvanised steel feet for the bottom of our timber equipment to help with longevity.  All components of each of the structures that we build are protected to reduce these problems from occurring during their lives in the playground or in any other outdoor environment.

There's more choice

We like to design one-off bespoke pieces for every project that we have the opportunity to work on. We create wonderful wooden masterpieces that fit in with their surroundings, as well as the requirements of the school, public playground or outdoor attraction that we're dealing with. Given the materials that we use, there is an endless list of possibilities in terms of shape, size, functionality. You tell us what you want and we will build it. And that's the glory of using wood opposed to steel, as you can create a base and build upon that as time goes on.

It's safer

It goes without saying really, as when you think up your idea of a children's playground, the last thing you want is a solid metal structure. Every single wooden playground structure that we build is in line with BS EN1176 standards and has the relevant safety precautions in place. When designing our play equipment, we make sure that all ends are either rounded or capped and have no exposed rough or sharp edges to cause any injury.

It can help fuel imagination

Outdoor play equipment will without a doubt, help children to develop their physical fitness and strength, but it can also spur their imaginations. Whether it be running or walking along the wooden trim trails, crawling through tunnels, climbing over the top of logs and hanging from the natural monkey bars. Wooden buildings such as a tree houses or towers will allow children to use their imagination and role play, which is both fun, and then in later life. A wooden playground within a similar landscape will encourage them to create their own stories while enjoying the natural environment. For more information on the types of wooden play equipment that we can offer, browse our website. You can also call us to arrange a no obligation consultation on 01904 607677 or drop us a line to mail@play-scheme.co.uk and we will call you back.

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