Small MUGA End 8m (Metal) AS003

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Introducing our Mini MUGA Goals, designed to maximise your sporting experience with versatility and quality craftsmanship.

Whether it's a lively five-a-side football match, an intense game of cricket, or some slam-dunk action in basketball, these goals are perfect for multiple games.

Featuring two engraved HDPE panels on either side of the goal mouth and a basketball hoop with a backboard overhead, the possibilities for ball games are endless!

Crafted with precision, our Mini MUGA Goals consist of a powder-coated steel goal and basketball hoop, along with two 2.4m x 1.2m HDPE engraved panels, making it an essential addition to any sports area.

While typically sold in pairs, individual purchases are also available. Additionally, for those seeking a configuration without a basketball hoop, we offer a specialised option.

To ensure safety during sports games, consider pairing our Mini MUGA Goals with fencing to contain the action within a designated area.


Experience the durability and versatility of our steel hoop equipped with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) backboard.

Durable 656 mesh panels, engineered to provide unparalleled strength and security.

Sports panels, positioned beside the goals, enhance the sporting experience.

Mini MUGA Goals and Hoop
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