1-10 Caterpillar PMCAT1

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Product Description

Transform your pavement and playground areas with our vibrant Caterpillar Thermoplastic Marking 1-10. Designed for durability and visual appeal, this educational marking brings both fun and learning to outdoor spaces. Ideal for schools, parks, and recreational areas, the Caterpillar Thermoplastic Marking features a colourful caterpillar design with segments numbered from 1 to 10, encouraging children to engage in active play while learning to count.


Anti-slip Thermoplastic Markings

Markings do not lose their vibrancy when exposed to UV rays

Durable non toxic material

Available in 1-20 option

Age Range
Inclusive Play
Installation Warranty*

*Our Warranty excludes normal wear and tear, accidental damage and the results of vandalism. The full warranty details will be available at the quotation stage.*

~Age stated is a guide therefore the operator must exercise at their discretion in establishing suitability of the equipment for each individual child.~

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