Angled Stilts (Set of 6) R-AT053

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Product Description

Our Angled Stilts encourages children to engage in a hopping activity, allowing them to test and improve their balance.

These stilts are designed with carved footrests, enticing children to hop or walk from one stilt to another.

In case a child feels uncertain, they can maintain their balance by holding onto the stilts. This activity requires coordination and estimation of distances while ensuring stability on the stilts.

Moreover, multiple children can participate in this activity simultaneously, fostering social skills. Especially when they converge in the middle, they may need to switch sides, promoting cooperative play.


Designed to offer safe, fun, and challenging balance and climbing equipment with a critical fall height below 1 metre

The equipment is made of Robinia Wood.

Encourages children to hop between the stilts and thereby test their balance.

angled stilts
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