• Our Playgrade Woodchip is the perfect material for creating natural looking safety surfacing in your play area. It is soft and robust underfoot and can give an instant facelift to any area. Our Woodchip is also great for pathways, woodland trails, and landscaping to create different textures.
  • Our playground matting is an ideal solution for your playground needs. These honeycomb lawn mats facilitate grass growth through the mat, offering maximum protection to children while maintaining the lawn's freshness and green appearance. Playground Mats are crafted from recycled rubber, serving as a safety surface widely utilised across the UK by councils, schools, stable owners, and homeowners alike. They prevent the ground from turning into a muddy mess, especially in high-traffic areas. While commonly found in children’s play areas, they are also perfect for safeguarding lawns, garden play areas, and equestrian access paths, which often endure heavy use from pets, horses, and children.
  • Wet pour rubber playground safety surfacing is a prevalent component in both school and public playgrounds. This impact-absorbing surface comprises two layers of rubber fused together with resin. Its distinctive design serves to reduce the risk of injuries during children's playtime. At Playscheme, we provide an extensive selection of wet pour repair kits and wet pour rubber granules available in assorted colours.  
  • Our artificial grass is meticulously crafted for schools and nurseries, fostering captivating and secure all-weather outdoor learning environments. Backed by an impressive 10-year guarantee and boasting over two decades of expertise, rest assured, we guarantee we will rejuvenate neglected areas into vibrant spaces for play and education.
  • Resin-bound rubber mulch safety surfacing is utilised in play areas where a natural aesthetic is desired. This surface mimics the appearance of natural bark shavings while being crafted from recycled rubber tyres, bound together to form a seamless, porous, and safe play surface. It serves as an alternative to traditional loose-fill surfaces like bark or chippings, which can be messy and demand regular maintenance to upkeep. Rubber mulch, however, offers a fixed, soft surface that remains intact in all weather conditions. It can be directly laid onto grass with minimal preparation, presenting a highly cost-effective option for playground surfacing.


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