• The Log Walk Weaver inspires children to develop balance and coordination as they navigate through the taller posts by snaking and weaving.
  • Our Rolling Log is crafted from two natural Robinia stumps and two natural Robinia pole uprights, ingeniously connected by a galvanized steel chain and rolling log. This innovative design offers children the thrilling opportunity to balance and walk along its sturdy length, fostering coordination and adventure in outdoor play. The Playscheme Log Roller lets kids get in touch with their inner lumberjack or lumberjill! A fun challenge for older kids.
    *Requires impact attenuating surfacing*
  • Our twin inclined balance beams are engineered to enhance balance, coordination, core, and lower body strength in children. They delight in wobbling from end to end on these V shaped beams, which are perfect for your trim trail setup.
  • Carefully traverse the unsteady wooden plank, utilising the galvanized steel bars on each side for stability as you progress from one end to the other. The Wobble board serves as an excellent addition to a trim trail or as a standalone feature.
  • Step into the woodland world with our Forest traverse Log Posts, mimicking clustered trees. They foster children’s lower body strength, balance, and problem-solving abilities. Equipped with grip-grooves and colorful climbing holds, kids strategise the best routes to the top. Ascending, they gain a new playground perspective, sparking imaginative play as they pretend to be climbing animals.
  • Test your balance and grip on our Chain & Pole Traverse, a feature of our Trim Trail play equipment for schools. Use the low-level chain to navigate across, while the higher chain helps you maintain balance between the two Robinia wooden posts.
  • Discover endless play and developmental opportunities for children with our Cross-Chain Traverse. Ideal for Trim Trails, it promotes problem-solving as kids navigate various climbing routes. Enhance climbing confidence, coordination, balance, and fine motor skills as they conquer this thrilling challenge.
  • Transform your outdoor space into the ultimate adventurer's course using our wooden outdoor Balance Beams!

    These beams are the perfect addition to spark excitement and ignite the imaginations of your little ones.

    Motivate children to enhance their balance, agility, and coordination by placing one foot in front of the other while stretching their arms wide.

    Whether used individually or in combination with stepping stones or other items, these beams allow you to create a customised obstacle course tailored to your child's abilities, fostering their confidence and growth.

  • Navigate yourself across by swinging from step to step. This challenging piece is great for developing balance skills and core strength.
  • The design of the Balance beam set is inspired by the original outdoor wooden balance beam but it offers a unique twist by featuring three balance beams instead of the original two.

    These beams are set at different heights and angles, requiring children to possess exceptional balancing skills.

    As a child navigates their way across the first beam, they must then step up to the next beam and finally down to the third.

    This change in height adds an extra level of difficulty while also building their confidence in dealing with heights.

    Our adventure trail range offers a wide selection of playground equipment, and the Balance beam set fits in seamlessly with the rest.

    With its versatility and options to cater to different ability levels, Playscheme can create a tailor-made trail that perfectly suits your adventure trail.


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