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New Sandpit for Selby Community Primary School

Ashleigh CleetBlog posted on 9th November 2016 by Ashleigh Cleet

This week, we put smiles on a lot of children's faces when we delivered a brand new sandpit to Selby Community Primary School in North Yorkshire. 

The school, which accommodates 2-11 year olds, as well as a nursery, contacted us in regards to their sandpit, which had gained some expected wear and tear over the years. 

Photo 5

Photo 2

After inspection, there were a few broken parts, so instead of fixing it, we just replaced the whole sandpit free of charge, much to the joy of the children and teachers!

A small sandpit with hydraulic lid was delivered and filled with sand as the children watched on in amazement. They couldn't wait to play and were thrilled when it was open and safe to use again. 

Photo 3

Photo 6

Our small sandpit comes with a hyrdaulic cover which protects the sand in adverse weather, and allows easy access, too. This particular cover also has a slip resitant platform when closed, which is perfect for permorming on. Two products in one, if you will!

This sandpit includes sand and doesn't have to be bought as an additional extra. It has a very rigid and solid design, with all timbers used having been pressure treated beforehand.

This piece of play equipment also comes with the following warranties:

  • 5 years warranty for Hexagrip and Green Board Plywood Panels against rotting and infestation
  • 10 years warranty for square and round cut timber against rotting and infestation installed above ground
  • 5 year warranty for installation against poor workmanship

Small Sandpit with Hydraulic Lid

If you're interested in finding out more about our Sand and Water products, give us a call on 01904 607677 or email mail@play-scheme.co.uk - You can also add products to your wishlist, which you will find on the right hand side of the website. 

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