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Inspiring Future Olympians with Sports and Fitness

The Olympic Games in Rio are just over halfway through, and as the United Kingdom are sitting pretty at number two in the medals table with 50 medals at the moment, we feel pretty inspired by our great athletes. It's now time to inspire our Olympians of tomorrow with our top quality sports and fitness products!

Every future sportsperson needs to grow up having access to the best facilities possible, from pitches to gym equipment, and the ability to use them whenever they wish.

As mentioned in a previous blog, we have been involved in a special project with Sport England called 'Primary Spaces' since 2014. It was then that they put a call out for contractors to design, manufacture and install brand new play spaces for schools across England. We were very keen to get involved and in the end we successfully installed 85 different Primary Spaces projects nationwide.

It's projects like these that allow us to really get involved in different communities across the UK, designing and installing truly inspiring and adventurous play and sports equipment that can potentially transform the lives of young people from all backgrounds in life.

We provide a range of sports and fitness equipment, but here's a few that we recommend...


Our sports and games equipment encourage older children to interact together and play in a co-operative way, as well as improving their physical fitness from beginner to pro. Our multi-use equipment gives you maximum variety from your chosen play scheme; small or large, we can do anything!

Outdoor Gym Equipment

Our outdoor gym equipment is professionally designed and developed to be permanently installed outdoors, making it free and accessible to all. This kind of equipment can be the perfect addition to your sports area, and will accommodate adults and children over the age of 14 years. What better way to kickstart their sporting careers?

Sports Panels

We offer a full range of Di-bond panels to enhance your sports area. With a variety of games and targets to include in your space, there is enough variety for everyone to get involved and have fun.

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, don't be shy in sharing your ideas. The bespoke nature of our work allows these panels to be modified, or re-designed to suit the requirements of your area.

Sports and Fitness

At Playscheme, we move with the changing curriculum and we're always fully informed on the current thinking on nurturing young minds and bodies. We understand that play is a vital part of learning and we know how to make sure your children have the best outdoor environment for their emotional and physical development and wellbeing. 

For the time being, we need to continue spurring on the United Kingdom in the hope that we leave victorious in the top position!

If you're interested in any of our sports and fitness equipment, then please do get in touch. We can provide a no obligation consultation where you can get to know us as a company, and our product range. Call 01904 607677 or email mail@play-scheme.co.uk.

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