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How to Make the Most of Your Farm

At Playscheme, we are very keen on building awareness of how best to monetise your farm. After joining forces with the National Farmers Attraction Network, we hope to do more work in the future within the farming and rural attraction industry. After our fantastic Cloud Hide-Away Tower was installed at Tanylan Farm Holidays in Carmarthenshire and the award-winning Balloon Tree Farmshop and Cafe in York, we'd love to help other farms alike make the best out of their businesses. So where do you start? There are so many ways that you can turn your farm into an attraction to drive more visitors to your site and ultimately yield more profit overall. Here are some ideas to get you started:


People love camping and they're always looking for great outdoor areas where they can spend a few nights relaxing in the open air. Turning some of your land into a campsite is really quite simple. You'll need to think about installing general amenities such as somewhere to shower and a toilet for campers. It can be as basic as you want, so whether you want to install electricity for caravans, or whether you just want to accommodate tents, it's up to you. If your farm is located near to a popular tourist attraction, then this is even better, as you have a great promotional tool at your fingertips! If you have a farm shop on your land that provides campers with the essentials that they need, then this can also be mutually beneficial to you and your visitors.

Raise specialist breeds of animals

Farms all over the UK breed or keep different kinds of animals such as quail, rabbit, ostrich, goat, llama and even deer. As well as being able to collect produce from them such as milk, eggs and wool, they will also be a great attraction for families within the community, as some may have never seen animals like these before.

Host events

Considering renting out your land or part of it as a venue to accommodate special events such engagement parties, weddings and birthdays is a smart move. The idea of holding a wedding or big event on a farm underneath a giant marquee, or in a barn is becoming so much more popular. A farm can be a beautiful setting for a couple to recite their vows in front of their families. You could even branch out and offer facilities such as renting the marquees themselves, to providing and cooking the food onsite.

Open your farm to the public

Nowadays, there are so many farms that are open to the public throughout the year and offer a fun and also educational environment for families. Charging your visitors to enter will help you get a good return on investment from your attraction, as agro-tourism can be big business. Adults and children alike can spend time browsing in the farm shop or seeing the animals roam freely, and can be a great day out for school trips, too! You are open to many options when it comes to opening your farm to the public, some other ideas that you could consider would be serving food and drinks in a small onsite café, selling seeds and food pellets for children to get involved and feed the animals with, or you could create an area where people can interact and pet the animals. You could even consider offering workshops or tours around the farm to show how all of your products are made, such as milk, cheese or even bread.

How Playscheme can help transform your farm into an attraction

Take a look at this bespoke piece of equipment for Balloon Tree Farm, who are not too far from Playscheme in York.

When we met with them they wanted us to create a farm related piece of equipment to act as a focal point within the land and to create an area for children under the age of 6 to play. The piece that we have created is a silo tower and is part of a scheme that will eventually grow and develop into a larger piece over time. They loved this concept and are looking forward to seeing it grow over the years and gives visitors a reason to come back.

The tower is very natural and fits in with the beautiful area they have available and can be accessed via the 3 openings at the bottom, or the scramble net on the outside which leads to the first level of the tower. The silo can can be asended by the use of the ladder located in the centre. There is also a 1 metre high slide located on the first level of the tower, which provides a fun exit route for children wanting to descend into the playing area.

Take a look at tower being built in the workshop...

Take a look at pictures of our work in progress and finished results at Ballon Tree Farmshop and Cafe:

Were very keen on showing you what we can do to make your the most o your farm attraction, so please do call us and we will come and visit to share our ideas. Call 01904 607677 or email mail@play-scheme.co.uk

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