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Creative Carvings

Steve DanbyBlog posted on 28th March 2017 by Steve Danby

At Playscheme, our creative team love to show off their wood carving skills with our range of amazing woodland creatures! These skilfully made sculptures can transform your space and truly bring an outdoor area to life. And if that wasn't enough, they can even inspire and empower children's learning and development!

Here, we’ll take you through some of our favourite carvings that we’ve created and show you how our workshops could be useful for your school.

Six Dinner Sid

Almost anything can be hand crafted into wood carvings by our experienced and skilled joiners! This carving was commissioned following Chris Wiggly’s retirement at Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary School. The sculpture is of Six Dinner Sid from Chris’ favourite book of the same name and can be found in the school’s woodland area.


The Gruffalo

Following work completed at Lord Deramore’s Primary School that included the creation of a walkway and hobbit hole, our managing director Steve Danby hand carved a wooden Gruffalo in the surrounding play area. This added a rustic element and also allowed the children to take part in the creation of the sculpture itself!


In the past, our carvings have been at the centre of rejuvenated outdoor areas in schools. Whether it be an overgrown garden, a newly cleared space or a specially built area, a wood carving could be the focal point of a new vibrant learning environment for your children.

Benefits for Children

Steve and our team complete these carvings on a regular basis at schools across Yorkshire and the UK. Children can be inspired from a creative aspect by watching the skills and carpentry that goes into such carvings, while seeing first hand their favourite characters turned into wood masterpieces!

These carvings are also perfect for sensory areas, aiding children with sight impairments as well as stimulating learning and senses.


Another important and often forgotten aspect, is these sculptures provide the opportunity for children to experience nature. As many children become more absorbed with an online and inside world, creative carvings can offer an exciting exposure to the outside world and the great outdoors.

Playscheme Workshops

Our workshops provide opportunities for children to get creative themselves. Our team regularly transform education areas with the help of the school’s children, through creating carvings and sculptures.

These woodwork workshops provide a unique learning experience for young children, empowering learning and development while retaining attention span for a prolonged period of time. Our workshops allow children access to hands-on education, sparking creative thinking, maths skills, scientific investigation, physical development, coordination and so much more.


Through using tools and new skills, being given responsibility and creating something tangible, there’s also the potential for children to build self esteem and confidence.

But perhaps most important of all, children simply enjoy being involved in this activity! From creation and seeing the final result, to engaging with a newly carved sculpture, creative carving can be a rewarding and fulfilling process for all.

If you'd like to talk about our creative carving or workshops for your school, please get in touch today on 01904 607 677 or mail@play-scheme.co.uk.