Ulleskelf's bespoke adventure playground development

Case Study

Play Area Transformed for Parish Council, York

The Playscheme team, were so proud to attend the grand opening of the Ulleskelf Parish Council Play Area near Selby proudly presenting our latest community contribution with the installation of top-tier commercial playground equipment.

This project marked a significant achievement, where we meticulously crafted and installed bespoke outdoor playground equipment, perfectly in tune with the area’s ambitious redevelopment plans.

From day one

Our involvement with the Ulleskelf project commenced through a grant scheme managed by Yorventure, a respected environmental organisation. Yorventure, utilising funds generated from waste management activities like those at Harewood Whin near York, drives a variety of environmental and community projects across York and North Yorkshire.

The journey to bring the Ulleskelf Play Area to life was as exhilarating as it was demanding. Our team, brimming with enthusiasm and informed by stakeholder insights, created a bespoke adventure playground that now stands as a beacon of happiness for the area’s youth.

What our partnership created

The play area stands as a showcase of our innovative Ramshamble Tower System, which offers a structured and adventurous collection of playground equipment. It encourages climbing, fuels imaginative play, and is designed to stimulate both the physical and creative energies of children, featuring slides and higher platforms with peek-through holes.

Accommodating a diverse array of interests and abilities, the Ulleskelf Play Area features a nest swing, clatter bridge, flower talk tubes, and a role-play station equipped with shop counters. These playground features are thoughtfully designed to foster social interaction, enhance self-confidence, and promote imaginative exploration among the children.

Our tailor-made wooden playground equipment is augmented by perennial favourites such as the see-saw swinger and the swirl whirl spinner, each piece selected with care to amplify the play experience for children of various ages.

The opening day was a jubilant occasion, with local families gathering to enjoy the new play area, and the evident joy and excitement from the children was a testament to the success of our project, bolstering the community spirit.

Thank you

Rachel Glynn, a devoted member of the Ulleskelf Parish Council, has generously praised Playscheme for our unwavering professionalism and dedication to the community. She highlighted our acute focus on the council’s objectives and our unyielding commitment to achieving the project’s triumph. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Creative Groundworks Limited for their pivotal role, and we are proud to have earned the trust of both the Ulleskelf Parish Council and Yorventure in realising this impactful endeavour.

Despite the spatial limitations, our skilled team is elated to have maximised the potential of every square inch within the play area, crafting a vibrant space that fosters community spirit and invites children to grow and create lasting memories.