"The Ultimate School Event Makeover – You Won't Believe It!"

Case Study

St. George’s Primary School, York


Discover how we revolutionised a school’s events with an outdoor amphitheatre and stage – bringing creativity and learning outdoors.

See how this construction project showcases the potential of creating outdoor versatile spaces for children and teachers in the education sector.

Witness the transformation at St George’s Catholic Primary School in York with the introduction of an outdoor amphitheatre and stage, seamlessly blending creativity and learning within the great outdoors.

The newly established outdoor seating area and stage introduces a fresh dynamic element to educational experiences, offering an exciting and comfortable place for audiences to enjoy the feast served up by the children on a stage worthy of Shakespeare!

This project highlights the potential for creating versatile outdoor seating areas and stages, which enrich the learning experiences of children, families and teachers alike.

These outdoor spaces can also serve as multifunctional hubs for both education and leisure activities.

Part 1: Embracing the Vision

We loved working with the team at St George’s on this transformative project. What a thrill to design and build an outdoor stage and amphitheatre for them. This has certainly enhanced their school events with something rarely seen in the primary school sector.

At the core of this initiative, was the school’s ambition to create an outdoor stage and seating area, and we were very excited to assist in bringing this modern educational element to life. The project highlighted the importance of flexible outdoor spaces and seating areas in today’s learning environments.

Part 2: The Blueprint and Design

Our journey to build an outdoor amphitheatre and canopy stage began with thorough planning and design. We crafted the 4.8m x 2.4m canopy stage, featuring slip-resistant decking and ensured that the amphitheatre had comfortable outdoor seating benches, complemented by artificial grass to enhance the seating area.

Part 3: Overcoming Construction Challenges

The construction of the amphitheatre and stage encountered challenges, such as weather delays, but our determination ensured the project stayed on track. The intricate installation of artificial grass on uneven ground was crucial to perfecting the outdoor seating area, making it a welcoming deck for the outdoor amphitheatre.

Part 4: The Unveiling of Transformation

The transformation from an empty construction site to a lively outdoor stage was truly inspiring.

The outdoor stage has evolved into a crucial component for school events, doubling as a hub for creativity that nurtures learning and community engagement. With its dynamic open-air learning environment, it transforms traditional classroom lessons into engaging, hands-on experiences, complete with outdoor seating and versatile outdoor spaces.

Part 5: Playscheme’s Pride

As a bespoke design and construction firm, we’re filled with pride over the blossoming success of our outdoor stage project. This structure is to become a cornerstone for the school, hosting a myriads of event from plays to performances that showcase students’ talents. It’s a place where the seating area invites audiences to enjoy the magic of summer evenings and the excitement of outdoor drama.

Part 6: The Journey to Success

Our journey in crafting this outdoor amphitheatre and stage has bestowed upon us invaluable insights: meticulous planning and design, as well as close collaboration with the school, were critical for the success of this outdoor seating area.

The ability to overcome challenges, such as unpredictable weather was imperative. Most rewarding, however, was seeing an idea blossom into a vibrant, functional deck and seating area.


The creation of the outdoor amphitheatre and stage transcended a mere construction project; it was a journey fuelled by passion and an invigorating process of creation from the team at Playscheme and the willingness of the staff at St George’s culminating in a versatile outdoor seating area that inspires and delights.