School field transformation into vibrant all year round multi-use games area

Case Study

St. Augustine’s Primary School, Gateshead

Playscheme spearheaded an innovative initiative to transform an under utilised field at St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School in Gateshead into a dynamic multi-use games area (MUGA).

This groundbreaking project was designed to revitalise the outdoor sports area, offering students the opportunity to engage in various sports and recreational activities throughout the year.

Identifying Space and Foundation Work

Confronted with the challenge of a limited hard standing space, Playscheme capitalised on a seldom-used section of the school field. This area, often sidelined during the school year due to its sloping landscape and susceptibility to adverse weather, was selected for a makeover into a state-of-the-art multi-use games area. The transformation began with excavation to level the terrain and the installation of a robust stone base to improve drainage, setting the stage for the creation of a top-notch sports Muga surface.

Safe, Durable, and Realistic Surface

In a strategic move, Playscheme chose synthetic grass for the MUGA surface, favouring it over traditional materials like wet pour rubber or tarmac. This decision ensured a safe environment for students, with artificial turf providing a padded underlay to soften the impact of falls. The all-weather synthetic grass surface eliminated worries about muddy conditions, allowing children to enjoy sports activities year-round, and promised a sustainable, low-maintenance solution with a lifespan extending beyond ten years.

Accessibility and Security Measures

To boost the MUGA’s accessibility, Playscheme constructed a tarmac access point that connected the new sports area to the existing school playground. This pathway guaranteed convenient access under any weather conditions, encouraging students to participate in more physical activities. For added safety and security, the sports arena was surrounded by 2.4m high fencing with durable mesh panels and lockable gates, offering reassurance to educators and parents while deterring unauthorised entry.

Versatility for Multiple Sports and Activities

The MUGA was designed as a multi-sport court, offering an array of sports Muga options including basketball, football, and hockey, as well as a netball court. It featured a mini goal and a galvanised steel hoop to accommodate various multisport games, catering to a wide range of interests and skill sets. Rebound mesh panels surrounded the area, promoting uninterrupted play and improving concentration and coordination, while sports graphic panels introduced creative and alternative games for children of all abilities.

Benefits for Children of All Abilities

The inclusive playground aspect of the MUGA enabled children with diverse abilities to participate in competitive sports and activities, fostering inclusivity. This approach to the multi-use games area encouraged social interaction, teamwork, and confidence-building, with the added potential for hosting inter-school competitions to further enhance these skills.


The transformation of the outdoor space at St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School into a vibrant multi-use games area is a shining example of Playscheme’s dedication to fostering physical activity, inclusivity, and community engagement. By creating a safe environment that is both versatile and accessible, Playscheme has equipped students with the means to explore their potential, develop key life skills, and embrace healthy habits. The MUGA stands as a beacon of the positive influence that innovative design and collaborative efforts can have on educational settings and student life.