Improving the outdoor space at St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School.

Case Study

St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School, Runcorn

Located in the heart of Runcorn, Cheshire,  St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School embarked on an adventure to redesign their early years outdoor area.

Their goal was to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment, enhancing their students’ educational journey and offering an exciting play area.

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Setting the Vision: Reimagining the Outdoor Classroom

Every great transformation begins with a vision.

The forward-thinking leadership at St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School, a hub of educational excellence in Runcorn near Liverpool, saw their outdoor space as more than just a play area.

They imagined an outdoor learning environment that would foster active learning and creative expression, achieved through an outdoor classroom design that includes opportunities for physical development and playground equipment.

Highlights of Transformation: Bringing the Vision to Life

Through a collaborative initiative, St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School and our team introduced significant enhancements, such as robust outdoor play structures and innovative climbing features, completely transforming their outdoor play space into an interactive and educational landscape.

  1. Adventure Trail: A Pathway to Physical and Cognitive Development

A carefully crafted adventure trail, featuring an array of challenging obstacles and a wooden obstacle course, was installed to provide students with a multifaceted physical experience. This new feature supports not just active play but also encourages teamwork and problem-solving. As children engage with these outdoor activities they develop their coordination and balance, which are crucial for both physical and outdoor nature play.

  1. Forest Climber: Connecting with Nature through Imaginative Play

The introduction of a forest climber, a gem among wooden playgrounds, was specifically designed to merge natural outdoor play with the school setting. Resembling the adventures found in natural forests, this installation invites children to climb, leap, and balance, thereby improving their gross motor skills and spatial perception. Moreover, the forest climber fosters outdoor sensory activities, sparking a sense of adventure and curiosity that supports holistic child development.

  1. Outdoor Classroom: Learning Beyond Four Walls

The establishment of an outdoor learning environment at the school has been marked by the creation of a versatile outdoor classroom design, complete with amphitheatre seating. This innovative space is dedicated to fostering interactive lessons, dynamic performances, and collaborative group discussions, all under the open sky. By offering students a chance to engage in outdoor learning spaces, it enhances hands-on learning and bolsters student engagement. The amphitheatre seating, in particular, is conducive to better communication and encourages critical thinking, making it a cornerstone of the outdoor learning environment.

  1. Water Play System: Dive into a World of Sensory Exploration

The school’s outdoor area now boasts an engaging outdoor water play feature, incorporating pools and water towers that invite students to delve into sensory exploration. This outdoor water area provides a delightful and refreshing play experience while subtly teaching children about the principles of water flow and dynamics.

Engaging with the water play system, students can grasp scientific concepts in a playful, interactive setting. This addition enriches the outdoor space with opportunities for sand and water play, supporting the development of communication and language skills.

  1. Artificial Grass: Year-Round Playability and Sustainability

To maximise the functionality of the outdoor play space throughout the seasons, artificial grass was laid down, converting a previously seasonal play area into a year-round outdoor play areas for early years children. The use of artificial grass not only boosts the visual appeal but also cuts down on upkeep, promoting sustainable and uninterrupted enjoyment for students all year. This durable surface is ideal for supporting physical development and encourages children to engage in playing and exploring, regardless of the weather.

Conclusion: Embrace the Power of Outdoor Learning

St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School’s transformation of its outdoor area underscores a dedication to enriching students’ educational journeys with comprehensive outdoor learning activities. This expansion into outdoor classroom spaces ensures that learning transcends traditional boundaries, offering students a wealth of outdoor education activities that contribute to a well-rounded learning experience.