Enhancing family experience at Planters at Bretby.

Case Study

Planters at Bretby, Burton-on-Trent


Planters at Bretby, located in Derbyshire, UK, has a long-standing reputation for offering a wide range of plants and gardening supplies. They saw an opportunity to enhance their offering to young families by upgrading and expanding their existing play area.

Project Objectives

1. Create an Exciting Play Area: The primary goal was to design an engaging and safe play area, featuring a variety of play equipment designed to attract families with children.

2. Enhance the Café Area: The project included revitalising the café area with Indian stone paving to create a more attractive and appealing space for their visitors. This area has also provided a great space for parents to keep an eye on their children whilst they are having bundles of fun on the brand-new play equipment, catching up with friends and family over a nice coffee and cake.

Design and Installation

We collaborated closely with Planters at Bretby to understand their vision and unique requirements. A comprehensive design was developed, showcasing our innovative play equipment, including the Pioneer Tower, Sensory and Interactive Wall, Cradle Swing, Mini Pirate Ship, and Little Explorers Tower.


1. A Vibrant Play Space: The newly created play area became a focal point for families, offering a wide range of activities and imaginative play opportunities for children.

2. Improved Aesthetic Appeal: The café area’s transformation was realised through the resurfacing with Indian stone paving, giving it a modern and cleaner appearance.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience: Visitors praised the addition of the play area and the revamped café area, creating a more enjoyable and family-friendly environment.

4. Increased Foot Traffic: The introduction of the play area attracted more families, leading to a noticeable increase in foot traffic and ultimately boosting sales for Planters at Bretby.