Enhancing family experience at Planters at Bretby.

Case Study

Planters at Bretby, Burton-on-Trent

Planters at Bretby, nestled in the heart of Derbyshire, United Kingdom, is renowned for its diverse selection of plants and comprehensive gardening supplies.

To appeal to young families, Planters made the strategic decision to enhance and enlarge their outdoor play area.

  • The Challenge for Playscheme- A peony for your thoughts

The project’s goal was to establish a children’s playground that would captivate and ensure safety, integrating an extensive array of playground equipment to create a dynamic play environment.

Furthermore, the initiative encompassed the modernisation of the café space, adding to the site’s array of amenities.

Employing Indian stone paving, Planters at Bretby transformed their space into a more aesthetically pleasing and welcoming environment, where parents can socialize in the cafés while keeping an eye on their children enjoying the new play equipment.

  • Meeting the Challenge- We rose to the occasion.

To rise to the occasion, we collaborated intimately with Planters at Bretby to crystallize their vision and cater to their unique needs, culminating in a design that highlighted our innovative play equipment offerings, such as the Pioneer Tower, Sensory and Interactive Wall, Cradle Swing, and Mini Pirate Ship.

The introduction of these improvements has sparked considerable excitement among Planters at Bretby and its patrons. Now, families can revel in an engaging and safe play experience amidst beautiful plants and a welcoming atmosphere, while the upgraded café area offers a serene haven for relaxation and social enjoyment.

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A Vibrant Playground

The newly unveiled play space quickly became a central attraction for families, boasting a diverse range of activities and providing imaginative play opportunities for children across various age groups.

Elevated Visual Appeal

The café area’s striking makeover, characterized by the resurfacing with elegant Indian stone paving, has transformed it into a space with a contemporary and tidier appearance, significantly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the venue.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Visitors have been lavish in their praise for the new play area and the revamped café section, noting how these enhancements have contributed to a more family-oriented atmosphere and have been pivotal in creating positive experiences for guests.

Heightened Visitor Flow

With the introduction of the play area, there has been a noticeable increase in foot traffic, which in turn has boosted sales for Planters. This uptick is a testament to the positive impact that the enhanced amenities have had on visitor engagement and satisfaction.

  • The Playscheme Guarantee – We don’t hedge our bets

Our dedication to delivering exceptional experiences for our customers is unwavering. We aim to design spaces that not only inspire imagination and promote interaction but also foster a profound appreciation for nature among our visitors.