State of the Art Makeover for Phillimore

Case Study

Phillimore Primary School, Sheffield

Phillimore Community Primary School’s Playground Transformation

Playing It Up: Phillimore Primary’s State-of-the-Art Outdoor Playground

In a remarkable collaboration between Playscheme, Sainsbury’s, the Youth Sport Trust, and Paralympics GB, Phillimore Community Primary School received a spectacular makeover for their outdoor playground, turning it into a hub of activity

The Paralympic Partnership that Set the Stage

Phillimore’s journey to playground paradise began with their spirited involvement in Sainsbury’s Active Kids Paralympic Challenge. Like eager athletes sprinting towards victory, they showcased their dedication to inclusive sports, winning the grand prize of a £50,000 makeover.

When the project crossed the finish line, the playground was inaugurated by none other than the charismatic Paralympian, Jonnie Peacock!

Designing Dreams: A Collaborative Creation

As the makeover commenced, Playscheme took the reins, infusing traditional sporting styles with innovative flair. From boccia courts to parkour equipment, every design element was carefully curated to inspire playfulness and teamwork. The children themselves chimed in, brimming with excitement and ideas. One imaginative suggestion? “It is amazing. We are very excited! We could have a climbing area, or gymnastics, things we can jump off or a spider’s web!”

From Dreams to Reality: Unveiling the Playground Extravaganza

The playground metamorphosed into a realm of adventure and fitness. A 50-metre sprint track beckons aspiring Usain Bolts, while a ‘Mile a Day Trail’ encourages healthy living with a dash of friendly competition. The gymnastic area, adorned with vibrant artificial grass, invites budding gymnasts to tumble and twirl with abandon. Meanwhile, two outdoor table tennis tables await spirited rallies behind the bustling basketball court.

A Balancing Act: Where Adventure Meets Safety

Enter the pièce de resistance: the parkour adventure trail. An ode to free-spirited exploration, it challenges children to scale new heights, bolstering balance and confidence with each leap. Nestled amidst the thrill, safety remains paramount, thanks to shock pads and artificial grass, ensuring every adventure is both daring and secure.

Sensory Delights: Where Imagination Takes Centre Stage

Adjacent to the parkour paradise lies a sensory oasis, where slip-resistant decking and artificial grass set the stage for boundless creativity. Mirrors, whiteboards, and instrument panels ignite young minds, transforming playtime into a symphony of learning and performance. It’s the perfect nook for captivating class storytelling sessions!

Testimonials: Voices of Joy

Gillian Briggs, headteacher extraordinaire, beams with pride at the playground’s transformation: “It is fantastic to have won such an incredible prize which has transformed the outside space at our school.” And Jo Searle, the school’s PE dynamo, echoes the sentiment, sharing a pupil’s revelation: “One child stated that she could tell there had been so much thought put into the design as everyone now had something they could do outside which they could enjoy!”

Empowering Minds, One Leap at a Time

But the playground’s magic extends beyond the physical realm. With every climb and leap, children learn invaluable lessons in teamwork and resilience. As one wise young soul observed, “teamwork is the best medicine and when you are not happy, people around you can always help you.”

Summary- Where Dreams Take Flight

With its bouldering wall, island hopping map, and play mound, Phillimore’s playground isn’t just a space—it’s a vibrant tapestry of imagination and growth. So, let the laughter ring and the adventures unfold, for in this playground, every step is a leap towards joy!

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