Building physical activities and creative play fun for children of all ages

Case Study

Paddington Recreation Ground, London

Paddington’s Premier Outdoor Playground was a year in the making!

The transformation of Paddington’s playground into an inclusive play haven has been a journey marked by dedication and creativity. Westminster City Council is thrilled to unveil this outdoor play area, a testament to community connection and a beacon of inclusivity. The Paddington Recreation Ground now features playground equipment that is not only innovative but designed to captivate children of all ages, abilities, and interests.

Crafting the Vision

Our mission was unequivocal: to craft a playground design that would fuel physical activity and spark imaginative play, drawing families back to Paddington repeatedly. In a collaborative journey, our team, alongside Westminster City Council’s Physical Activity, Leisure and Sports team, Ruth Willmott Associates, and Everyone Active, worked in unison to transform this vision into a tangible reality.

Handcrafted Excellence

From our workshop nestled near York, we shaped each piece of playground equipment with an unwavering commitment to quality. By choosing Robinia hardwood for its durability and resilience, we crafted a playground that stands ready to endure the energetic thrills of active play and the capricious British weather.

A Playground for All Ages

The Paddington Recreation Ground now boasts distinct zones, thoughtfully curated for different age groups, ensuring that children of varying ages are immersed in enriching play experiences. From the enchanting steam liner for toddlers to the adrenaline-fueled forest play unit for older kids, every corner of the playground is an invitation to adventure.

Accessible and Inclusive Design

In our dedication to accessibility, we’ve created a sensory play space, complete with musical instruments and tactile panels, welcoming children of all abilities to interact and discover. The playground equipment surfaces, like the colourful wet pour rubber underfoot, not only ensure safety and visual appeal but also cater to a myriad of play styles and preferences.

Celebrating Community Connection

With the final additions of site signage and visitor maps, families are now seamlessly guided through the vibrant playground oasis, a reflection of months of dedicated craftsmanship and collaborative efforts. Witnessing children of all ages bask in the joy of play at Paddington Recreation Ground reinforces our pride in shaping this beloved community space.


Paddington’s playground stands as a beacon of the transformative impact of outdoor play areas. It’s a place where inclusivity, creativity, and community connection flourish, enriching the lives of children and fortifying the bonds within our neighbourhoods. The echoes of laughter and the sight of boundless excitement at Paddington’s playground are powerful reminders of the lasting benefits of creating spaces that cultivate joy, imagination, and a sense of belonging.