Play Until the Cows Come Home at Over Farm

Case Study

Over Farm, Gloucester

Playscheme Cultivates Outdoor Play Space Oasis at Over Farm, Gloucester

At Over Farm nestled in the bucolic beauty of rural Gloucester, Playscheme undertook a barnstorming adventure alongside a menagerie of furry friends, including ostriches with an eye for design!

We didn’t put our head in the sand after it was commissioned by Over Farm (a cherished member of the National Farm Attractions Network) our team embarked on a journey to sow the seeds of joy in the form of an outdoor play space that would delight visitors of all ages, earning accolades from both human and furry denizens alike!

From Muddy Fields to Playtime Paradise: Crafting the Farm Yard Playground

Armed with creativity and a blank canvas—a muddy field ripe for transformation—Playscheme unleashed a whirlwind of innovation to cultivate the Farm Yard playground. Rooted in the rich tapestry of farm life, every element of the playground was meticulously designed to ignite imaginations and foster exploration.

A Harvest of Adventure: Exploring the Farmtastic Features

As children scamper through the Farm Yard playground, they embark on a journey through the heart of farm life:

  • Clambering aboard the big green tractor, navigating through the tunnel wheel, and stepping into the role-play cab complete with a steering wheel.
  • Embarking on a whirlwind adventure aboard the big red combine, a bespoke creation featuring integrated tunnels and unloader monkey hoops.
  • Scaling the climbing stack adorned with carved wooden wheat sheaves, evoking the spirit of the harvest.
  • Ascending the silo towers connected by slides, whooshing down the grain chute in a frenzy of excitement.
  • Exploring the farm cottage and shop, where role-play games come to life amidst miniatures of Over Farm’s food market.

Putting the Fun in Farming: Crazy Golf Galore

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Playscheme planted a 14-hole crazy golf course amidst the verdant fields of Over Farm. Would be Tiger Woods navigate through tunnels, boulders, bridges, and even a hairy hairpin bend, facing golfing challenges at every turn. To streamline operations, a two-way hut was erected, ensuring seamless club and ball collection under the watchful eye of a single staff member.

A Harvest of Delight: Bringing Joy to Over Farm and Beyond

With the playground erected under the golden glow of sunshine and the watchful gaze of ostriches, Playscheme delivered an outdoor play space that promises endless delight. Over Farm’s satisfaction with the results mirrors our own, as we celebrate the fruits of our labour in cultivating an oasis of fun for visitors young and old.

Where Every Day is a Field Day

It might sound corny but in the fertile fields of Over Farm, Playscheme’s Farm Yard playground stands as a testament to the power of imagination and innovation. So, come one, come all, and bask in the joy of a playground where every moment is ripe for adventure!

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