Enhancing community well-being with a brand new engaging playground

Case Study

Norton & Lenchwick, Worcestershire

In October 2022, Norton and Lenchwick Parish Council successfully unveiled a new and vibrant playground installation designed to foster community engagement and provide a safe and enjoyable space for local families and friends. This case study highlights the positive impact of the installation, featuring the captivating Fallen Fort play tower, Dragon Swing, and Net Monster.

Norton and Lenchwick Parish Council recognised the need for an upgraded playground facility to cater to the recreational needs of the community. The council collaborated with Playscheme to create an inclusive and innovative play space that would captivate children of all ages and abilities.

The Fallen Fort play tower served as the centerpiece of the new playground installation. Its imaginative design, resembling a former fortress, offered children endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. With multiple levels, climbing walls, slides, and secret tunnels, the play tower provided an immersive experience, igniting children’s imagination and promoting physical activity.

The Net Monster, with its web-like netting and varied climbing routes, inspires children to explore their limits, building strength and resilience whilst also having tonnes fun!