Fancy a BMX Pump Track in Your Backyard? A Guide by Playscheme.

Case Study

Melbourne Playing Fields, York

Discover the exciting world of BMX adventures right in your own backyard with Playscheme!

We recognise the excitement and happiness that a carefully crafted BMX pump track design can bring to kids and passionate enthusiasts alike.

Imagine having a customised BMX pump track modelled on the successful track at Melbourne Playing Fields near York.


Creating Excitement in Confined Spaces: Overcoming Challenges in Designing BMX Pump Tracks

Designing BMX pump tracks in restricted or backyard spaces presents unique obstacles such as limited area and diverse terrain.

Ensuring safety, durability, and catering to different riding styles and preferences requires meticulous planning and expertise

  • The Challenge Playscheme were set!

The Melbourne Playing Fields bike park near York presented a formidable task with its difficult terrain and limited space. Our mission was to craft a pump track that would transform the area into a vibrant hub of adventure and excitement!

With eagerness, we embarked on the journey to turn our vision into reality by creating an exceptional BMX pump track, customised to fit the unique space and track design preferences

  • Staying on Course: Our Approach!

At Playscheme, we are deeply proud of our reputation as seasoned specialists in the development of premier BMX pump tracks, catering to the adventurous spirits of children and young riders.

Our team is a fusion of fervent passion for BMX and a profound understanding of pump track intricacies.

Designed the Dream Track

The track design plays a crucial role in constructing a BMX pump track.

It encompasses various elements such as layout, features, and flow, all of which contribute to an immersive and exhilarating riding experience. Each track is meticulously crafted to ensure maximum enjoyment while maintaining safety standards.

Every pump track we craft is a bespoke creation, designed to make BMX fantasies a reality with features like exhilarating hills and skill-testing turns and this was no different in Melbourne.

Premium Materials for a Lasting Track

Dedication to quality is at the heart of Playscheme’s ethos, ensuring this BMX pump track we created for children and young enthusiasts was built to last. We selected only the most durable materials showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Self-Binding Gravel: A Game-Changer

A cornerstone of our BMX pump tracks is the use of self-binding gravel, a key material that, when compacted, forms a robust and stable surface. This provides riders with an optimal grip for BMX adventures, ensuring a pump track that’s not only fun but also safe for confident riding.

The Benefits of Self-Binding Gravel:

  1. Durability: Withstanding the rigours of BMX riding over time.
  2. Low Maintenance: Minimising loose particles, reducing maintenance.
  3. Environmental Friendliness: Permeable, reducing runoff, aligning with Playscheme’s commitment to sustainability.

The Construction Process at Melbourne

Our construction process for this BMX pump track was a blend of swift efficiency and meticulous precision from the initial groundwork to the final touches.

Maintenance Tips for Longevity

To guarantee the enduring quality of the Melbourne Fields BMX pump track, Playscheme not only offered essential maintenance tips but also provided comprehensive checks and maintenance services.

  • Why did Melbourne Fields choose Playscheme?

A superb BMX pump track designed for children and young people for Melbourne was just around the corner, and Playscheme was dedicated to bringing this vision to reality.

Our work on the Melbourne Playing Fields bike park exemplified our dedication to delivering exceptional pump tracks that inspire adventure and thrill while prioritising safety and durability our expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence.

All this was done on a limited budget and a challenging brief to Let us transform a confined space into an exhilarating BMX playground that will captivate riders of all ages.