Martin House Hospice Sensory Experience for Children

Case Study

Martin House Children’s Hospice, Wetherby

Zen Sensory Playground Experience at Martin House Hospice

At Playscheme, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to play, explore, and thrive in a safe and inclusive environment.

Our collaboration with Martin House hospice exemplifies our commitment to designing and installing innovative playground experiences that cater to the diverse needs of children.


Martin House Hospice, located in Yorkshire, provides essential care and support to children and young people with life-limiting conditions, as well as their families. Understanding the importance of play in the lives of these children, Martin House sought to enhance their outdoor space with a sensory playground that would stimulate their senses and promote joy and relaxation.

The Challenge

Our task at Playscheme was to design and install a Zen sensory playground experience that would provide a therapeutic and inclusive environment for children of all abilities. Central to this vision was the incorporation of specialised equipment, including a wheelchair swing and an inclusive roundabout, to ensure that every child could participate fully in the joy of play.

Our Approach

Drawing upon our expertise in inclusive playground design, we worked closely with the team at Martin House hospice to understand their unique requirements and aspirations for the project. Together, we conceptualised a serene and inviting playground that would engage children’s senses while providing ample opportunities for relaxation and exploration.

Key Features

Wheelchair Swing

Recognising the importance of mobility and freedom of movement, we installed a state-of-the-art wheelchair swing that allows children with mobility challenges to experience the exhilaration of swinging alongside their peers. This innovative inclusion ensures that all children, regardless of their physical abilities, can enjoy the thrill of outdoor play.

Inclusive Roundabout

In addition to the wheelchair swing, we integrated an inclusive roundabout that accommodates children of all abilities. Designed with spacious seating and secure handrails, the roundabout provides a safe and comfortable space for children to socialise, spin, and delight in the sensory experiences of the playground.

Zen Sensory Elements

To create a calming and immersive environment, we incorporated sensory elements throughout the playground, including wind chimes, tactile panels, and fragrant plants. These features engage children’s senses of sight, sound, touch, and smell, fostering relaxation, mindfulness, and sensory exploration.


The completion of the Zen sensory playground at Martin House has been met with immense excitement and gratitude from children, families, and staff alike. The inclusive design of the playground ensures that children of all abilities can participate fully in outdoor play and experience the therapeutic benefits of sensory stimulation and relaxation.


“We are thrilled with the Zen sensory playground created by Playscheme Ltd. The wheelchair swing and inclusive roundabout have transformed our outdoor space into a place of joy, inclusion, and tranquility for the children and families we serve. Playscheme’s dedication to inclusive design and attention to detail have made a meaningful difference in the lives of our children, and we are incredibly grateful for their partnership.” – Martin House Hospice staff


At Playscheme Ltd, we are proud to have played a role in creating a Zen sensory playground experience that brings joy, inclusion, and relaxation to the children at Martin House Hospice.

This project exemplifies our commitment to designing inclusive playgrounds that inspire imagination, promote well-being, and enrich the lives of children of all abilities.