An immersive experience within the heart of Scotland's magnificent wilderness.

Case Study

Luss Play Park, Alexandria

Luss Estates, set amidst the enchanting landscapes of Scotland, captivates visitors with its pristine natural beauty and historical charm.

As a top destination for outdoor activities and family fun, the estate invites those seeking a retreat within Scotland’s majestic wilderness.

With families in mind, Luss Estates wanted to develop a contemporary children’s play area, designed to blend into the scenic surroundings while providing an exhilarating experience for all.


  • Fitting in with an area of natural beauty!

Luss Estates tasked Playscheme to enhance the visitor experience by introducing a modern and captivating play area that promises outdoor activities and family fun in a setting that’s both inviting and innovative.

The vision for the play area was one of seamless integration with the estate’s unspoiled environment, creating a harmonious addition to the natural parks and elevating the estate’s scenic splendour.

  • We love a Challenge

The newly designed park from Playscheme offers a variety of play equipment and experiences, making it one of the go-to play areas for children and our design encourages adventure and exploration, catering to diverse interests and abilities.

The design of the play area at Luss Estates was required to emphasise safety and sustainability, using durable materials and establishing thorough maintenance routines to ensure ongoing enjoyment of the outdoor activities.

  • How we made a thing of beauty

Large Robinia Forest Climber

The play area’s crowning feature, a grand climber made from natural Robinia wood, beckons children to climb and explore, offering a thrilling adventure that complements the natural parks and outdoor activities available at Luss Estates.

Nest Swing

A nest swing has been added to the play area, providing a unique swinging experience that promotes outdoor activities and social interaction, making it a standout feature among play areas in the area.

Robinia Adventure Unit

This bespoke adventure unit, meticulously crafted from Robinia wood, incorporates a variety of exhilarating elements such as bridges, platforms, and climbing challenges. It’s a perfect addition to outdoor activities, promoting physical activity and imaginative adventure play for children.

Traverse Nets

Traverse nets offer an engaging way for children to enhance their balance, coordination, and confidence. As a key feature in play areas near me, these nets foster motor skills and teamwork, adding a dynamic climbing component to the outdoor activities available.

Small Slide

Designed with younger children in mind, the small slide offers a delightful and secure experience, adding to the charm of children’s play areas. It’s an inviting way for toddlers to join in the outdoor activities and feel the excitement of play areas near me.

  • Beauty Personified & Sustainable

In realising these objectives and incorporating these features, Luss Estates has not only amplified its allure for family fun but also committed to safety and sustainability.

This ensures a secure and eco-friendly environment for children to engage in outdoor activities and revel in the stunning Scottish landscapes.