An immersive experience within the heart of Scotland's magnificent wilderness.

Case Study

Luss Play Park, Alexandria


Luss Estates, spanning acres of Scotland’s captivating landscapes, has long captivated visitors with its untouched natural splendour and historical charm. As a revered destination, it beckons individuals seeking an immersive experience within the heart of Scotland’s magnificent wilderness. Recognising the importance of enriching the estate’s amenities for families, Luss Estates envisioned the creation of a contemporary play area that would seamlessly blend with the estate’s picturesque surroundings while delivering an exhilarating recreational experience.


1. Elevating Visitor Experience: To enhance the overall visitor experience at Luss Estates by crafting a modern, captivating, and family-friendly play area.

2. Harmonious Natural Integration: To design a play area that harmoniously melded with the estate’s pristine natural environment, enhancing the estate’s scenic beauty.

3. Diverse Play Elements: To provide a rich variety of play equipment and experiences to cater to the diverse interests and abilities of children, fostering a sense of adventure and exploration.

4. Safety and Sustainability: To prioritize safety and sustainability by utilizing durable materials and implementing comprehensive maintenance practices.

Project Implementation

1. Large Robina Forest Climber: A centrepiece of the play area, this magnificent climber, constructed from natural Robinia wood, invited children to scale its heights, fostering a sense of adventure and accomplishment.

2. Nest Swing: The inclusion of a nest swing provided a unique and exhilarating swinging experience, encouraging social play and cooperation among children.

3. Robinia Adventure Unit: This bespoke adventure unit, intricately crafted from Robinia wood, featured a range of thrilling elements such as bridges, platforms, and climbing challenges, promoting physical activity and imaginative play.

4. Traverse Nets: These engaging traverse nets encouraged children to develop their balance, coordination, and confidence as they navigated their way across, fostering motor skills and teamwork.

5. Small Slide: A small slide, thoughtfully designed for younger children, provided a safe and enjoyable way for them to experience the thrill of sliding.