Enhancing Family Entertainment at Lee Valley - Animal Adventure Park.

Case Study

Lee Valley – Animal Adventure Park, Essex

In the summer of 2023, Lee Valley – Animal Adventure Park, located in Essex, underwent a significant transformation to enhance its family-friendly entertainment offerings. Collaborating with Playscheme, the park introduced a captivating 12-hole meerkat themed mini-golf course and a sprawling adventure play area. The aim was to create an inclusive and immersive experience for visitors of all ages and abilities, cementing Lee Valley as a premier destination for families and friends seeking enjoyable outdoor activities.

Project Scope: The project involved the installation of two key attractions: a 12-hole mini-golf course and an expansive adventure play area. Playscheme, with their expertise in designing and constructing recreational spaces, was entrusted with bringing these visions to life.

Mini-Golf Course: A Meerkat-Themed Delight: The 12-hole mini-golf course formed the centerpiece of the park’s new offerings. Designed to cater to visitors of all ages and skill levels, the mini-golf course was inspired by the charming meerkats, lending a unique thematic experience. The course featured intricately designed holes that incorporated elements of the meerkat habitat, capturing the essence of these curious creatures.

The mini-golf course was intentionally crafted to be inclusive, enabling families and friends to enjoy quality time together. The layout included modifications for accessibility, ensuring that individuals of varying abilities could participate. This design philosophy aligned with the park’s commitment to fostering an environment where everyone could engage in shared activities.

Adventure Play Area: A Wonderland of Play: Complementing the mini-golf course was the adventure play area, a sprawling and imaginative space that set Lee Valley apart. The play area was conceived as a unique addition to the park’s attractions, reflecting the park’s dedication to offering distinctive experiences. The space was characterized by seven towering structures, interconnected by bridges, tunnels, and slides. This setup encouraged exploration and imaginative play among young visitors.

The adventure play area was designed with safety as a top priority. The structures underwent rigorous safety testing and adhered to industry standards, assuring parents and guardians of their children’s well-being while they engaged in active play.