Enhancing Family Entertainment at Lee Valley - Animal Adventure Park.

Case Study

Lee Valley – Animal Adventure Park, Essex

What is the connection between Meerkats and playing golf?

You might think there is nothing to compare them!

In 2023, Lee Valley – Animal Adventure Park, called upon the Playscheme design team to infuse their mini golf design expertise and theme design flair into an innovative partnership between the playful meerkats and the beloved game of golf.

This was part of a significant transformation to enhance its family-friendly entertainment offering

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The goal was to craft an inclusive and immersive experience at Lee Valley, solidifying its reputation as a top-tier destination for adventure parks and outdoor play, welcoming visitors of all ages and abilities to create lasting memories.

  • A Round with Playscheme

In collaboration with Playscheme, the park set out to unveil an enchanting 12-hole meerkat-themed mini golf course design, complemented by a vast adventure golf design that promised a world of exploration and fun.

With their in-house design prowess and a track record in design and construction of recreational spaces, Playscheme was charged with the mission to transform these creative concepts into reality, ensuring every detail was up to par. No ifs, ands, or putts

Mini-Golf Course: A Meerkat-Themed Delight

The park’s new attractions were anchored by the 12-hole miniature golf course design, which promised to be a visual treat and a golfer’s delight, stretching as par as the eye could see.

The mini golf course, designed to be a hit with players of all ages and skill levels, featured mini golf holes inspired by the meerkat’s natural surroundings, creating themed interiors that brought the spirit of these inquisitive animals to life without the ferocity of a tiger lurking in the woods.

This accessible mini golf course was meticulously designed with inclusive design principles, allowing families and friends to bond over the game. With thoughtful modifications for accessibility, the course embodied the park’s dedication to creating spaces where everyone can enjoy the thrill of the game together.

Adventure Play Area

The mini-golf course was perfectly complemented by the adventure play area, an expansive and imaginative space that distinguished Lee Valley as a leader in outdoor adventure. The play area, a testament to the park’s commitment to unique attractions, featured seven impressive structures. These were seamlessly connected by bridges, tunnels, and slides, creating an adventure play area fostered exploration and imaginative play among its younger guests.

Safety was paramount in the design of the adventure play area, with structures meeting rigorous safety standards in design and adhering to industry benchmarks. This commitment ensured a child-friendly design that allowed parents and guardians peace of mind while their children enjoyed active, engaging play.

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Why not?

You must strike while the iron is hot and drive to Lee Valley to catch a birdie and be part of as a premier destination for families and friends seeking enjoyable outdoor activities.

Playscheme were delighted to be part of the adventure as this was no bread and putter scheme!