Agricultural play equipment a Big Green Tractor at Hesketh Farm

Case Study

Hesketh Farm Park, Skipton

Innovative Agricultural Play Equipment at Hesketh Farm Park

Playscheme, renowned for their creative play solutions, partnered with Hesketh Farm Park in Skipton, North Yorkshire, to design and build unique agricultural-themed play equipment.

The collaboration resulted in the installation of a monumental Big Green Tractor, enhancing the indoor play area and providing year-round enjoyment for visitors.


Understanding the Project

Situated amidst the picturesque Yorkshire Dales, Hesketh Farm Park offers an idyllic setting for families to enjoy farm activities and outdoor adventures. Seeking to expand their offerings, the park management approached Playscheme to create play equipment that reflected the farm’s agricultural theme while providing engaging experiences for children.

Design and Development

In collaboration with Hesketh Farm Park, Playscheme explored various design concepts, ranging from towers to tractors. After careful consideration, the decision was made to develop a Big Green Tractor as the centrepiece of the indoor play area. This choice ensured versatility and year-round accessibility for visitors.

Features of the Big Green Tractor

The Big Green Tractor boasts climbing grips for children to scale, leading them to the top where they can descend via a wide stainless-steel slide. Additionally, a large tunnel provides opportunities for imaginative play, simulating exploration within the tractor itself. A steering wheel enhances the role-playing experience, allowing children to envision themselves navigating the farm.

Installation and Safety Measures

Surrounded by soft wood chip flooring, the Big Green Tractor ensures a safe environment for children to run and climb. Playscheme’s attention to detail during installation ensured that every aspect of the play area met rigorous safety standards, providing peace of mind for both park management and visitors.

Impact and Reception

The introduction of the Big Green Tractor has been met with enthusiasm from visitors and social media alike. Families are delighted by the addition of this innovative play feature, which offers endless fun and challenges for children of all ages. The attraction has garnered attention even before its official opening, indicating a high level of anticipation and excitement within the community.


The collaboration between Playscheme and Hesketh Farm Park has resulted in the creation of a truly unique and engaging play area. By incorporating agricultural elements into the design, Playscheme has successfully captured the essence of the farm while providing a safe and enjoyable space for children to explore and play. The Big Green Tractor stands as a testament to the creativity and dedication of both teams, ensuring that Hesketh Farm Park remains a cherished destination for families seeking memorable experiences in the Yorkshire countryside.