Barwick Primary School gets new active learning zone

Case Study

Barwick-in-Elmet Primary School, Leeds

Playscheme Transforms Barwick Primary School with Children Designed Outdoor Play Area

At Playscheme we are passionate about fostering playground and forest school ideas that empower children to unleash their creativity and imagination.

Our focus on creating a creative play and forest school space is integral to our ethos, encouraging children to explore outdoor play ideas in new and exciting ways.

Our recent collaboration with Barwick Primary School is a testament to our dedication to playground  design and forest schools, where we’ve been instrumental in engaging children in the creative process. The result is a vibrant outdoor play area together with opportunities for forest schools, inspiring joy and exploration in young minds.


Barwick Primary School, nestled in the heart of Yorkshire, partnered with us to rejuvenate its outdoor play area design and forest schools, transforming it into a dynamic and stimulating  playground and forest schools space. Inspired by the school’s commitment to learning through play and exploration, Playscheme initiated a unique playground design and forest school competition among the children, empowering them to shape the future of their school grounds.

The Challenge

Our mission at Playscheme was to bring the children’s winning playground ideas and forest school designs to life, crafting an inclusive playground and forest school space that would captivate and engage children of all ages and abilities. Guided by the creativity and vision of the young minds, we embarked on playground landscaping that would translate their concepts into a dynamic playground and forest school experience.

Our Approach

In collaboration with the children and staff at Barwick Primary School, we facilitated a playground design and forest school ideas competition that inspired the young participants to envision their ideal forest play area ideas. Through brainstorming sessions and collaborative discussions, the children shared their creative playground visions, from imaginative play structures to vibrant sensory elements.

Key Features

The Adventure Trail and Forest School Shelter

The adventure playground design, chosen by the children’s popular vote, featured imaginative playground equipment such as a large wooden shelter, a slip-resistant decked dipping platform, and an exciting trim trail. Playscheme meticulously brought these designs to life, ensuring each element echoed the creativity and vision of the children who envisioned them.

Inclusive Play Opportunities

Aligned with our commitment to inclusivity, we integrated inclusive playgrounds into the outdoor play area ideas, ensuring that children of all abilities could fully participate in the joy of play. From accessible pathways to sensory play panels, every aspect of the playground design was thoughtfully crafted to promote inclusivity and accessibility.


The transformation of the outdoor playground and Forest Schools at Barwick Primary School has sparked overwhelming enthusiasm and excitement from children, teachers, and parents alike. The innovative playground design, envisioned by the children themselves, has turned the area into a fun playground and a cool hub of activity and creativity. It’s a space where friendship, collaboration, and exploration flourish among children of all ages.


“We are overjoyed with the creative playground that Playscheme has brought to life at our school. The design competition was a catalyst for our children to take the reins of their play space, unleashing their creativity in unprecedented ways. Playscheme’s dedication to realising the children’s ideas has revolutionized our school’s atmosphere and immeasurably enriched the lives of our children.” – Barwick Primary School staff


At Playscheme, we take pride in our collaboration with Barwick Primary School to create an inclusive playground and forest schools area that not only inspires imagination but also promotes inclusivity and fosters joyful learning experiences. This project stands as a testament to our dedication to involving children in playground planning and developing outdoor play ideas that capture their unique perspectives and dreams.

Our mission continues to focus on empowering children through play and crafting transformative outdoor environments for schools and communities nationwide, complete with thoughtful playground landscaping.