Brookfield SEN School's Amazing Inclusive Tower Scheme

Case Study

Brookfields School – Specialist SEN School, Reading

Creating an Inclusive Play Area for Brookfields School

Playscheme, a company dedicated to inclusive play solutions, partnered with Brookfields School, a special educational needs institution under West Berkshire Local Authority, to design and implement an innovative play area tailored to the needs of their diverse student population.

Understanding the Need

Brookfields School is committed to providing personalised education and support to children with learning difficulties and additional needs. Seeking to ensure that every child feels included in recreational activities, they approached Playscheme for assistance in creating an inclusive play area.

Collaborative Design Process

Through extensive consultation, Playscheme collaborated closely with Brookfields School to understand their requirements fully. It was determined that a tower system with integrated modules would best meet their needs, leading to the inception of the Brookfields Tower System.

The Brookfields Tower System

Comprising four towers and an elevated gazebo interconnected by wheelchair-accessible ramps, the Brookfields Tower System was designed to cater to children aged seven and above, regardless of ability. The system provides challenging elements aimed at nurturing confidence and promoting progressive development.

Construction and Integration

Utilising pressure-treated timber and expert craftsmanship, Playscheme constructed the towers on-site, seamlessly integrating them into Brookfields School’s existing play area. The incorporation of wet-pour rubber surfacing ensured accessibility year-round.

Key Features:

  • Main Observation Tower: Featuring a bespoke double-width slide and a balcony with a Perspex window for observation, this tower offers exhilarating experiences while prioritising safety.
  • Look-out Tower: Accessible via a sloping walkway, this tower includes a fireman’s pole for descent and a covered seating area beneath for relaxation.
  • Century Tower: Serving as a central hub, this tower facilitates movement between different parts of the system, incorporating features like the Clatter Bridge and slip-resistant walkways.
  • Accessible Tower: Raised for accessibility, this tower features ramps and handholds for children with varying mobility levels to navigate effortlessly.
  • Elevated Gazebo: Providing a quiet space for reflection or outdoor lessons, the gazebo enhances the educational and recreational opportunities within the play area.

Impact and Benefits

The implementation of the Brookfields Tower System has had a profound impact on Brookfields School. By creating an inclusive environment, children of all abilities can engage in play together, fostering social interaction, physical activity, and cognitive development. Moreover, the partnership between Playscheme and the school exemplifies the power of collaboration in promoting inclusivity and supporting children with special educational needs.


The collaboration between Playscheme and Brookfields School stands as a testament to the transformative potential of inclusive play solutions. By prioritising the needs and preferences of the school and its students, the Brookfields Tower System has become a symbol of inclusivity, empowerment, and joy for all who experience it.