Smart playground brings interactivity to the smallest of spaces

Case Study

Blue Diamond Garden Centre, Nailsworth

Blue Diamond Garden Centre Indoor Playground Extravaganza

Planting Joy: The Blooming Success of Blue Diamond’s Indoor Play Haven

In the heart of Nailsworth, where greenery meets giggles, Blue Diamond Garden Centre embarked on a mission: to cultivate a haven of fun within their walls, ensuring families leap back for more.

With a space as cosy as a pot of petunias, measuring a mere 7.5 meters long, 3 metres high, and just one metre deep, Playscheme unleashed their boundless creativity to sprout something truly extraordinary.

Thus, behold the Leaping Platforms Play Centre, where joy blossoms amidst smart interactive features!

Sowing Seeds of Design Brilliance

In the fertile soil of limited space, Playscheme’s design wizards joined hands with Sound Leisure, crafting an indoor playground bursting with sensory delights. In fact, Playscheme’s team ensured that every inch of the Leaping Platforms Play Centre bloomed with interactive magic.

Nurturing Growth: The Birth of Leaping Platforms

In the fertile fields of the York workshop, the seeds of indoor play area designs and innovation were sown. With meticulous care, Sound Leisure embedded sound and light effects, ensuring a seamless integration into the play Centre’s structure.

“Our bespoke design, combined with electronic interactive sensors and other equipment from specialists Sound Leisure, help make the Leaping Platforms Play Centre one of a kind!”

Blossoming Features: A Playground Oasis

As the Leaping Platforms Play Centre sprouted into reality, children danced with glee amidst its bountiful features:

  • A Perspex® waterfall cascading with light and sound
  • An infinity mirror reflecting endless wonder
  • Sensor-activated symphonies of light and music
  • Silly noises tickling giggles at every turn
  • Ladders, ensuring even the tiniest buds can ascend to fun-filled heights
  • Ball drops, orchestrating laughter with every bounce
  • A periscope, fostering connections between play platforms
  • A clear Perspex® floor, offering a thrilling glimpse into the world below
  • Scramble nets, ladders, and viewing bubbles, woven into a tapestry of adventure
  • Wall-mounted Play Modules from SL Kids,

Harvesting Happiness: A Flourishing Indoor Eden

In just over seven days, the Leaping Platforms Play Centre bloomed into full fruition, with disruptions to the garden centre’s operations kept to a minimum. Now, as children frolic amidst its verdant expanse, laughter fills the air, echoing the success of Blue Diamond’s visionary endeavour.

Conclusion: Where Joy Takes Root

In the verdant landscape of Blue Diamond Garden Centre, the Leaping Platforms Play Centre stands as a testament to the power of creativity and collaboration. So, come one, come all, and immerse yourself in a garden of delights, where every leap is a step closer to paradise!

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