Beach Cove breathing new life into the Outlet Village

Case Study

Beach Cove, Hornsea Outlet Village

Creating a Vibrant Outdoor Play Area Design at Beach Cove, Hornsea Freeport Outlet Village

We were really excited at Playscheme to be invited to launch a transformative project to rejuvenate Hornsea Freeport Outlet Village by introducing a dynamic new area known as Beach Cove, destined to become a premier play destination.

This development project was designed to infuse the shopping destination with fresh energy, providing families an adventure play area that offers a new adventure in play outdoors within a beach-themed setting.

Design and Development

The initiative began with an in-depth site visit by the Playscheme design team, evaluating the extent of the outdoor play environment project. An inspiration book brimming with creative concepts for the play space emerged from this visit. Following discussions and fine-tuning, a beach theme, echoing the nearby East Yorkshire coast, was chosen for the development project.

Beach-Themed Features

Upon entering Beach Cove, visitors are greeted by a seaside atmosphere, starting with the slip-resistant decked boardwalk. The area boasts custom-designed beach huts in soft summer hues, offering families a quaint retreat. The heart of the children’s play area is a spacious sand pit, encircled by artificial grass and classic seaside deck chairs, inviting relaxation and playing outside.

Innovative Water Feature

Beach Cove’s play area is enhanced by a unique cascading water system, introducing sensory play and outdoor fun. The cobbled stream leads to rock pools where children can engage in playing outdoors, using sluice gates to manipulate water flow, which promotes sensory exploration. The streams and sluices culminate in a competitive rock pool race, and the expansive pool also serves as a paddling zone for cooling down during hot weather.

Advanced Play Features

Catering to older kids, Beach Cove’s senior play area includes thrilling features like the Serpent Swing and an adventure trail with balance beams, log rollers, and swinging steps. The addition of a double 25-meter zip line promotes physical exercise and outdoor stages for socializing and teamwork among children.

Community Impact

Managed by Mark Farnsworth, the proprietor of Hornsea Freeport’s William’s Farm Kitchen and Café, Beach Cove has swiftly become a sought-after family day care and children’s development hub. Drawing inspiration from his successful Grasshoppers Adventure Playground at Tong Garden Centre in Bradford, Mark has underscored the significance of expertly managed play areas in fostering early learning and attracting young families.


The unveiling of Beach Cove at Hornsea Freeport Outlet Village marks a significant evolution, designed to elevate the retail experience for patrons. Incorporating imaginative play elements within a beach-inspired setting, Playscheme has crafted a dynamic and inviting outdoor space that encourages families to spend quality time together. Beach Cove exemplifies the impact of creative design and robust community engagement in transforming outdoor spaces and nurturing environments that are welcoming to families.