Redevelopment of Bamburgh Play Area for Enhanced Inclusivity.

Case Study

Bamburgh Castle, Bamburgh

Emphasising Community Engagement in the Revitalisation of the Bamburgh Play Area

Since its inception in 2009, the Bamburgh Play Area has stood as a beloved recreational haven for the vibrant Bamburgh community.

Over the years, it has blossomed into a central hub of family activity, fostering cherished memories and joyful moments. Yet, as time progressed, it became apparent that there existed a unique opportunity to not only enhance inclusivity but also to infuse modernity into the outdoor play area ensuring its vitality for generations to come.


This evolution serves as one of the local examples that illustrate the power of community engagement.

  • How to meet the community’s vision

The vision for the outdoor play area redevelopment project was guided by three fundamental pillars, each echoing the sentiments and aspirations of the community and forming the backbone of a robust community engagement strategy. These pillars are a testament to the effective community engagement strategies put in place.

Introduce Innovative Play Features

Aiming to breathe new life into the play area, the project sought to introduce innovative play elements while steadfastly upholding a commitment to inclusivity. It was imperative that every child, inclusive of all abilities, could find joy and belonging within the playground’s bounds.

Community Engagement

At the heart of the revitalisation efforts lay a profound commitment to community engagement. Recognising that the voices and perspectives of the local residents were invaluable, the project actively solicited their input, ensuring that their needs and desires were not only heard but also honoured throughout the decision-making process. This approach exemplifies what is community engagement and embodies the very definition of community engagement.

Sustainable Practices

With an eye towards the future, the project embraced sustainable practices and materials, aligning itself with contemporary environmental standards. From inception to execution, every aspect of the redevelopment journey was infused with a deep sense of environmental responsibility, showcasing the implementation of sustainable practices.

  • How we transformed the Bamburgh Community area

The transformation of the play area bore testament to the unwavering dedication to these principles, with several key features standing as tangible expressions of the community’s collective vision.

Inclusive Play Equipment

The playground’s transformation is a shining example of innovation in play spaces, introducing new inclusive elements designed to meet the varied needs of all children. The iconic Bamburgh Pirate Ship, too, saw inclusive enhancements to maintain its allure and accessibility.

Safety and Accessibility

Significant strides in safety and accessibility were achieved in the play area, with the installation of an all-weather surface and the strategic use of soil spoils to level areas, ensuring easy access for everyone. The park’s natural slopes were also utilised to add exciting height variations that elevate the play experience.

Community Input

From the start, a robust community engagement plan was put into action, inviting residents and park users to share their valuable insights, feedback, and preferences. Their contributions were instrumental in molding the playground’s design and functionality, fostering a strong sense of community ownership and pride.


Demonstrating a deep commitment to environmental stewardship, the project incorporated sustainable practices throughout its execution. Repurposed boulders became a striking retaining wall feature, and the use of eco-friendly materials and methods was prioritised during the playground’s redevelopment.

  • Playscheme love being part of the community

The Bamburgh Play Area’s revitalisation is a testament to the transformative power of engaging with the community. It’s with great pleasure that we acknowledge our role in this collaborative achievement.

The project stands as a testament to the benefits of community engagement, showcasing the profound impact of collective efforts in envisioning and nurturing spaces that mirror the community’s shared values and aspirations.

As the newly revitalised play area beckons with its vibrant colours and welcoming features, it stands as a timeless emblem of the Bamburgh community’s enduring spirit and unity.