At All Saints It's Playtime for All in Infants school

Case Study

Infants Play Area Hull

The All Saints Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infant School in Hessle near Hull has enjoyed an exhilarating upgrade, with the installation of new children’s outdoor play equipment set to breathe new life into its large outdoor space.

  • Does size matter?

Not to Playscheme!

Embarking on a playground installation endeavour of impressive magnitude, the Playscheme team was charged with the creation of a playground that not only spans a considerable size but also integrates a diverse range of outdoor play equipment, including a role playhouse, and a primary school climbing frame to meet the expansive requirements of the project.

The school presented Playscheme with the challenge of utilizing a vast outdoor area to seamlessly integrate play and outdoor learning, with areas designated for gardening, storage, and role-playing, ensuring each component of the children’s outdoor play equipment was interconnected.

  • Challenge accepted!

Our playground designers provided a meticulous planning service, working closely with the school’s staff. This collaboration ensured that the final design of the outdoor playground with its physical development play equipment and role-play playhouses was in perfect harmony with the school’s goals.

  • How did we transform such a large area

This exceptional playground is overflowing with exciting features, each thoughtfully designed with playground ideas for schools in mind. The space is filled with open ended play opportunities for both early years and primary aged children, ensuring that every piece of children’s play equipment is both functional and a visual delight.

All weather zone

We’ve reimagined the adjacent grassy areas into a practical all-weather play zone, equipped with outdoor playground equipment for schools, including an outdoor playset and swing sets. The area also features a spacious 12m x 5m shelter, offering ample shade and protection for year-round fun and games.


To encourage to develop green fingers our garden nursery outdoor play equipment collection features four 2.4m long planters, offering plenty of space for children to delve into gardening, cultivating everything from colourful flowers to healthy vegetables. To keep the surroundings tidy, we’ve smartly interspersed small storage units among the planters, complementing the garden play equipment and mud kitchens.

Playground furniture

The outdoor space is now a hub of activity, featuring engaging outdoor play resources like the story telling area and the planting area, which double as playhouses with slides, inviting children to take their learning adventures outside. The addition of durable outdoor seating and surfacing ensures year-round enjoyment, even in inclement weather, while the mud kitchen and climbing frames with slide, is thoughtfully designed for independent access by Early Years and Nursery children, secured by the strategic placement of fencing and gates.

Outdoor Classroom

To further enhance our outdoor classrooms, we’ve introduced a spacious 4.8m x 3.2m pitched roof shelter, equipped with a 3m workstation in the planting zone, transforming it into a hub for children’s outdoor learning. This new feature, paired with the expansive chalkboard, forges an ideal learning zone for dynamic outdoor lessons, encouraging the use of outdoor play in an educational setting.


Our bespoke play hut and up and over bridge are ingeniously designed to ignite children’s imaginative play, making them quintessential outdoor play equipment. The chalkboard, nestled between two weave frames with extended posts, offers a perfect canvas for creating a sensory area or a secret den, complemented by den nets. These elements synergize to craft enchanting playhouses and swing sets that captivate young minds and foster creativity.

Let there be music!

To inspire budding musicians, we’ve installed two music panels that serve as innovative outdoor toys, ideal for honing musical skills and encouraging cognitive play. These panels, post-mounted with paving at the front, ensure year-round accessibility. Complementing these, we’ve added two hanging frames, which can be used as swing accessories, for children to experiment with crafting their own musical instruments, enhancing their auditory and creative skills.


In response to the need for shade & shelter, we’ve erected a striking pitched roof shelter with outdoor seating on two sides, which can also be integrated into the play area as swing sets. This versatile structure doubles as a comfortable waiting area for parents during pickup times, offering a respite from the elements on less favourable days.

Outdoor Play

We’ve invested time in redeveloping the nursery playground, now boasting a diverse array of outdoor play for early years children. The revamped area includes everything from sand and water play to creative and role play elements. Built in Playscheme’s own workshop in York, these new elements offer children endless hours of engaging and fun activities.

  • Size isn’t an issue

Catering to a diverse range of needs, this playground development is brimming with inclusive playground equipment and children’s outdoor play equipment, making it a versatile and enriching addition to the playground equipment for schools, thereby enhancing children’s outdoor experiences.

The comprehensive outdoor play area at the school now features dedicated zones for gardening, complete with garden tools for children, as well as areas for storage, and spaces designed for imaginative play with garden toys for toddlers. These zones are all seamlessly integrated to create a cohesive outdoor learning environment that challenges and delights children, while also incorporating outdoor play that encourage active play.