Enhancing the Outdoor educational experience at All Saints C of E Primary School.

Case Study

All Saints C of E, Harrogate

All Saints Church of England Primary School, nestled in the scenic village of Kirkby Overblow, Harrogate, partnered with us to revitalise their outdoor area into a versatile, serene, and enchanting forest school for pupils.

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Despite the limited space and proximity to a football pitch, our team successfully crafted a secure and engaging outdoor learning environment, complete with a roofed seating area conducive to outdoor lesson ideas and collective educational experiences.

Discover how our experts dodged errant footballs kicked by a budding Harry Kane or Jill Scott to construct a forest school that plunges students into the natural environment, nurturing holistic growth and a profound bond with nature.

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Design and Implementation

Our strategy entailed meticulous planning to navigate various obstacles and to establish an inviting and adaptable outdoor learning space. Incorporating creative outdoor lesson ideas and garden seating concepts, we aspired to create an area that doubles as a dynamic outdoor education hub and a serene retreat for outdoor relaxation.

Ball-Stop Fencing

To prioritise the safety and wellbeing of the children, Playscheme installed robust ball-stop fencing around the outdoor seating area, effectively isolating it from the adjacent football field and shielding students from potential football-related incidents. This thoughtful enhancement fortifies the forest school’s outdoor seating design, ensuring a secure zone for outdoor tranquility.

Robinia Seating and Planters

We introduced charming Robinia wood seating and planters to the outdoor space, infusing it with natural warmth and a rustic allure. These elements not only elevate the outdoor decor but also encourage engagement with the natural setting, providing a cozy woodland space for outdoor lessons and leisure.

Potting Table

A key feature of the design was the integration of a bespoke potting table, offering students a garden seating area tailored for forest school activities EYFS, such as gardening and experiential learning. This component fosters a deeper connection with nature and augments the benefits of forest schools in the early years, enhancing the small garden ambiance of the school.

Outdoor Gazebo Classroom

A custom-built gazebo-style classroom, infused with the ethos of forest school, has been constructed to function as an outdoor learning hub for students. Featuring bench seating and both whiteboard and chalkboard surfaces, this sheltered outdoor education space invites teachers to hold classes amidst nature, fostering dynamic outdoor learning experiences.

Concrete Paving

To ensure the outdoor learning areas remain functional throughout the year and require minimal upkeep, durable concrete paving was selected as the groundwork. This robust material not only simplifies maintenance but also supports the physical wellbeing of students by standing up to the rigors of daily outdoor activity.

Storage Shed

Addressing the school’s need for organization, a secure storage shed with shelving was installed to streamline the management of educational resources. This strategic addition bolsters outdoor learning by providing a tidy environment for resource accessibility and augments the flexibility of outdoor seating configurations for forest school activities.

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The revitalisation of the outdoor seating at All Saints C of E Primary School has yielded significant benefits, nurturing a community-centric forest school environment that enhances social interaction and outdoor learning.

Safety and Security

The installation of new ball-stop fencing around the outdoor seating zones is a proactive step towards ensuring safety and wellbeing within the forest school setting. This measure provides a secure space for children to engage in play and outdoor activities without the worry of flying footballs!

Nature Integration

By incorporating Robinia wood, planters, and a potting table, the school has cultivated a garden seating area that not only aligns with the principles of forest school but also promotes holistic growth by connecting students with the natural environment, enriching their outdoor relaxation and educational experiences.

Interactive Learning

The outdoor gazebo classroom, equipped with whiteboard and chalkboard surfaces, has evolved into a cornerstone of meaningful experiences, merging outdoor learning with creative seating ideas. This space enables educators to conduct interactive sessions in a unique forest school atmosphere, captivating students in an engaging outdoor living room environment.

Durability and Low Maintenance

The strategic implementation of concrete paving has not only cemented the outdoor seating area’s resilience and physical durability but also ensures that it remains low-maintenance, facilitating year-round use without deterioration. This contributes to a versatile outdoor living space that supports outdoor learning activities.

The transformation of the outdoor seating area at All Saints Church of England Primary School stands as a testament to how thoughtful design can forge spaces that bolster both learning and exploration. By creating an inviting ‘outdoor living room’, it fosters a sense of community and social interaction among students and staff, aligning with the principles of a forest school environment.