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Why Robinia trim trails are great for kids

Adam PressBlog posted on 18th September 2019 by Adam Press

If you deal with kids on a daily basis then you’ll know that letting them loose in a playground is always a good idea. But not every play park is made equal!  Outdoor playground equipment can vary in quality, safety and effectiveness depending on how it’s designed and manufactured. So when it comes to wooden playground equipment for kids, us folk at Playscheme think that Robinia timber trim trails outperform other options on the market.


What are trim trails?

Trim trails are like an easier version of an assault course, designed for kids instead of adults. Defined by pioneering French physical educator, Georges Herbert, as a "path or course with outdoor exercise equipment and/or obstacles installed along its length for exercising the human body to promote good health,” they can be customised to have different challenges depending on the aim of each course. Here at Playscheme, we can include swinging ropes, timber play towers, monkey hoops, angled stilts and horizontal twist nets and more!.

Some people think that trim trails are the same as parkour, but they're not. In fact, parkour is a specific variation of trim trails. For the lowdown, see our Active Spaces brochure.

What are the benefits of trim trails?

Trim trails are great for improving upper and lower body strength. They allow children to develop good coordination while getting physical exercise. The horizontal twist nets are particularly good for this and also help improve agility and balance. Kids will gain confidence on trim trails in a safe environment. To ensure this we can install child-friendly floor surfaces such as wet pour rubber, mulch or synthetic grass.

For nursery children, simple elements such as a clatter bridge, wobble board and stepping stones are enough to enhance basic problem-solving skills. For primary school children, more challenging tasks such as monkey hoops will give them a sense of achievement as they get stronger. For teenagers and adults, we can develop trails which offer mental and physical challenges to create a long-lasting positive impact.

Clatter Bridge-600

For school playground ideas take a look at our adventure trails, which can all be made using Robinia wood.

Why choose Robinia for your trim trail?

Robinia is a hardwood timber which is ethically sourced by the Forest Stewardship Council. It looks great, with natural features of the wood enhancing the look and feel of every piece. A Robinia playground looks inviting but more importantly, is robust enough to stand the test of time and pounding feet (and arms!) The strength and durability of Robinia wood make it the perfect choice for those looking for a unique style to make your playground equipment stand out from the rest!

The majority of the wooden playgrounds we install today are made with Robinia timber. For example, this gorgeous park we did for the Sutton in Craven County Primary School near Keighley.



Remember, we can help you find funding for your school trim trail too. Get in touch with us on 01904 607677 or email mail@play-scheme.co.uk and let us help create a fun trim trail for your outdoor space!

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