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Stakesby Primary School Get Their Own Fort

Stakesby Community Primary School is a beautiful school that sits on the picturesque west side of Whitby, with views across the town to the Abbey and the sea. Catering for 220 children from nursery to Year 6, the extensive grounds have been significantly developed to provide a variety of natural spaces, including a Forest School's Woodland Area, wildlife area, pond and orchard. 

The school is beautiful and nearby they have a number of living willow structures to provide shade and visual interest; there's even one in the shape of an igloo, where children can go inside; aptly named "the Twigloo".

When we began planning for the new play scheme at the school, we took into consideration the variety of outdoor activity areas they already had, such as a large school field, a multi-use games area (MUGA), a mini assualt course, an outdoor classroom, amongst others. 

Looking at the existing equipment, they already had an existing tower system, but it had definitely had it's day. Because of this, we designed them a brand new bespoke tower, which fit exactly where their old tower was situated. This meant that they didn't need to invest in new safety surfacing, as it was already in place, and it meant that we were able to patch repair the existing rubber. We made this decision as it would have been very costly to replace the entire lot, and the school preferred to have an element of play value for their budget.

Fort stakesby Revision A - 6660



Welcome to Fort Stakesby 

We designed, built and installed the bespoke fort in place of the old tower system. And although it is the same size as its predecessor, it is very unlike the original. Two magnificent wooden towers are connected by a solid bridge, put together with castlellated timbers to create the fort. 

Named Stakesby Fort, their new play equipment includes a climbing wall, tunnel, slide, flag poles which are perfect for creating dens, and a ramp. All of which create a den of magic and mystery for the young children to explore as they hop from one section to another.

We then incorporated a fireman's pole into the scheme, which has an artificial grass platform beneath, allowing the children to lay back and look up at the bendy mirror that is attached to the underside of the tower. This is immensly fun for them, as they can watch their transformations as they move. As well as these fun features, we also included a chalkboard for creative play, and extended posts for the purpose of den building. With this, a coloured sheet can be tied over the to to create the ultimate fort and hiding area! We even created a free den for the school to get them started. 



After we installed the school's brand new tower system, we removed and disposed of their existing towers free of charge as part of the work. The amazing Fort Stakesby now sits proud in the school grounds and is remaining a firm favourite for children of all ages at play time!

Are you interested in chatting to us about our bespoke tower systems like this one? or have other play equipment in mind? Then call us on 01904 607 677 or email mail@play-scheme.co.uk