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Big Green Tractor for Hesketh Farm Park

We're really excited to show you our latest installation at Hesketh Farm Park in Skipton, North Yorkshire, where we designed and built our first piece of agricultural play equipment - a tractor!

Hesketh Farm Park sits in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and is surrounded by 10 acres of greenery. This working farm has more than 1,000 cattle, sheep and pigs, which visitors can feed and stroke. They also have a giant sandpit outside for children to dig for treasure, as well as a straw maze to get lost in!

Described as an idyllic farm farm park, there's plenty to do, as well as having stunning views of the Yorkshire hills and the Embsay and Bolton Abbey whistling by in the valley below. 


6599 Layout

As part of this project, we went through various design concepts with the owners, building an initial design of a tower, through to a small tractor, right on to a big one. Working closely with the farm park to get exactly what they wanted, they decided to go with the big tractor, which they wanted installing as part of their indoor play area. 

The idea behind having this particular piece of play equipment inside, was so that it can be enjoyed all year round by visitors to the farm attraction, come rain or shine!

Aptly named the 'Big Green Tractor', this monumentous play product has climbing grips fr children to scale their way up to the top, before decending on the wide stainless steel slide. 

The tractor also includes a large tunnel to climb through which leads to the rear wheel, as well as a steering wheel to make-believe you're driving around the farm. 

Hesketh's Big Green Tractor was then surrounded by wood chip, which is soft and will prevent children from hurting themselves when they are running and climbing in the play area. 




This new children's attraction was extremely fun to work on, with our team in the workshop really enjoying putting the small details into it. Offering endless fun and challenging opportunities for children, this showcase piece will keep families coming back time and again!

This part of the farm park will be opened ready for the first half term of 2017 and is already getting a lot of compliments on social media from what we can see! It looks like Hesketh Farm Park will have the children lined up to play this Spring!

The Big Green Tractor - Playscheme - Stainless Steel Slide


Are you interested in speaking to us about our bespoke play products? We can create anything you'd like, just ask! You can contact us on 01904 607 677 or mail@play-scheme.co.uk to arrange a consulation. 

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