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10 Imaginative Ways to Use your Play Hut

An ordinary play hut can be seen as a multitude of things through a child's eyes. Not only can it act as an extension to the classroom, but it can also be a place for a moment of calm.

Our role play equipment allows children to have the freedom in which to bring that particular space to life with their own imaginations. Not only does it develop confidence, but it also helps increase a child's confidence through activities such as acting and performing. Surroundings like these will allow them to come out of their shells and portray their thoughts, ideas and feelings through play.

We design and create different themed pieces of equipment in all shapes and sizes, helping you to set your scene. A lot of our pieces are also bespoke to our clients' needs, so just tell us what you want and we will design something for you that you can call your own.

Let's explore just ten imaginative ways in which your play hut could be used, including ones that you probably will have never even thought of!

1 - Hotel

Children can really get involved with this concept, pretending that they own and run a hotel, checking in guests and showing them to their individual rooms. This is a fantastic way to encourage children to think about what it takes to run their own hotel and how to keep their guests happy. This idea promotes healthy interaction between one another and is great for idea sharing. Our play hut with veranda would be perfect for this particular use.

2 - Shop

What child doesn't love to pretend to keep shop with their friends? We've all done it. Whether they're walking around the make-believe supermarket with a basket, popping items into their baskets, or playing shopkeeper and scanning said items through a till, it's incredibly fun and also teaches children about money, trade and encourages them to interact with one another in an amicable way.

3 - Vets

Just like the shop theme, kids love to make-believe that they are veterinarians and treat sick or injured animals. Children love animals, so turning your play hut into a vet's practice can be fun for all ages. Include items such as a medical coat and a stethoscope, and perhaps some bandages. This way, children can interact with each other, developing their emotions and rational thinking while also having fun with their friends.

4 - Garden Centre

What better way to get children involved in nature than by turning your outdoor play hut into a garden centre? With planters, as well as a few watering cans and some gardening tools, children can sew seeds and watch them grow, as well as pretending to buy and sell flowers to their friends. This gives children the ability to get comfortable with the outdoors and care for other living things such as plants and bugs in a kind and caring way. This is fantastic for their emotional development, as well as interactional skills.

5 - Post Office

Encourage children to write letters to their friends and deliver them by visiting the post office. Create letters and packages of all different shapes and sizes to make it more exciting and tangible for youngsters, and ask them to switch roles between post master, postman/woman and post service clerk.

6 - House

You can probably remember as a child that playing house was pretty much the favourite game for everyone. Deciding who would be mum and dad, and who would be the children. There are so many scenarios that you can think up by turning your play hut into a house, the possibilities are endless with this one, so encourage them to have fun! This is great for child development as they can learn about the structure of a family and also about family values that are, of course, very important in life. They could learn a lot from this one!

7 - Cafe

A cafe is a great idea when it comes to transforming your outdoor play hut. This gives children the opportunity to create fancy menus and decide between one another which items they would like to sell. Children love to pretend that they are waiters and take their customers' order, before delivering make-believe food. Children can also role play that they are cooking up a storm in the kitchen, acting as head chef like Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver. This is great for interaction between one another and creating opportunity to allow them to think about business and how to make money, as well as different types of food.

8 - A Reading Room

Fancy some quiet time? Well, turning your play hut into a calm and tranquil reading room, where children can escape the classroom and sit and read, is an ideal hideaway. Children can either sit by themselves, relax and read their favourite books, or they could read with friends.

9 - Beach Hut

A play hut imagined as a beach hut can be a very fun play time away from the classroom. Children can create their very own Baywatch scenes and pretend that they are lifeguards; saving drowning people from the ocean. Rubber dinghys, water-skis, sailing, kite-surfing, scuba-diving, snorkelling, jet-skis, surfing; the possibilities are endless!

10 - Bug Investigation Centre

To tie in with our bug hotel and mini-beast trunk, children can use their play hut as an extended bug investigation centre. Once they have studied the bug hotel or mini-beast trunk and fully engaged with nature, they can go back to the play hut to investigate and talk about what they have seen. Use this space to study, draw and write up scientific results. This is great fun for the kids and is also an extension to the classroom, as they are learning about nature and can get involved in science in a much more memorable way.

Like any of these ideas? We have plenty of role play products that come as standard, or can be designed to your own specification and needs. From stations, stages and shop counters to trains and puppet theatres, we can create tons of themed pieces for your outdoor space.

Take a look at our Role Play products here, or if you fancy a chat, then call 01904 607677. Alternatively, you can email us on mail@play-scheme.co.uk

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